Sellosity Ecommerce Platform By Sean Donahoe – The Smart Way To Build Highly Profitable Ecommerce Business Easiest With Drag And Drop Tech, Smartcheckout, Find Quality Product, Real Time Analytics, Smartship, Seo, Proven And Stable Framework, Multipayment Gateway, And More

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe is a revolutionary new ecommerce platform that not only enables you to create beautiful, fully-functional online stores within minutes. This powerful new platform is also built on top of a proven ecommerce framework that powers over one million online stores—a whopping 37% of all ecommerce businesses and three times that of it’s nearest competitor. Sellosity makes it super simple for you to sell multiple variations of a single product (i.e. different colors, sizes, etc). This system is a WordPress plugin. So, in order to use Sellosity, you need your own self-hosted WordPress website as it integrates with many WordPress-based systems including membership systems, email marketing systems and other parts of your site directly. If you are just starting out in the world of ecommerce, this is absolutely perfect for you. In fact, you have a distinct advantage over everyone else because you can avoid the critical mistakes most ecommerce entrepreneurs make when they are just starting out and get started the right way. This system built because they were frustrated at all the limited functionality and outrageous monthly fees that most ecommerce platforms charge, and hated seeing so many ecommerce entrepreneurs fail to get their businesses off the ground as a result. Sean Donohe built Sellosity to overcome those issues and finally give you everything you need to succeed. It’s the real revolution for newbie. By using Sellosity by Sean Donahoe you can put the product UNLIMITED. You can have as many products as you want in your store and will never be charged for the privilege. However, we recommend a Focused Funnel approach to ecommerce, meaning you can make more money from a smaller number of products by utilizing Sellosity’s proven conversion boosters. There is no doubt, if you are current existing in other platform you could change or import to Sellosity. Sellosity makes it easy for you to import products from AliExpress and migrate your existing online stores from Amazon, eBay, Shopify and many more.

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe is a brand new e-commerce platform for wordpress which allows you to create the beautiful, fully-functional online stores in just few minutes. Also, this robust platform is build on the top of proven e-commerce framework which powers more than a million online stores. From now you no longer appall by the limited functionality and outrageous monthly fees that cripple most ecommerce store owners before they even have chance to turn a profit, Sean built Sellosity to solve the problems we were experiencing in His own ecommerce businesses. That’s how He know for a fact that He offer best-in-class features at a price other rivals simply can’t match. This Sellosity review aims to give you a sneak peak into Sean Donahoe’s new and improved eCommerce WordPress Platform that is coming out this November, and of course there is also a bonus offer for those who wish to take advantage of this. Combine that with the comprehensive training, tools and resources Sellosity by Sean Donahoe provide and you have absolutely everything you could ever need to get started in the $2. 1 trillion eCommerce industry. With Sellosity, you’ll be ready to grow your existing store to several figures in revenue… without the large monthly costs, transaction fees, and need for expensive software or add-ons. Sellosity have packed everything into one powerful e-commerce platform that every online business entrepreneur not only want’s but desperately needs to create a successful and profitable store.

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Sellosity Ecommerce Platform By Sean Donahoe – The Smart Way To Build Highly Profitable Ecommerce Business Easiest With Drag And Drop Tech, Smartcheckout, Find Quality Product, Real Time Analytics, Smartship, Seo, Proven And Stable Framework, Multipayment Gateway, And More

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe - Demo Live

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe – Demo Live

Look at To These Awesome Features

– Drag & Drop Store Builder
One of the biggest problems that store owners encounter with other platforms is a lack of customization options, making it virtually impossible to achieve the look and feel you want. But with Sellosity, we’ve put an end to that once and for all.

Sellosity’s built-in Drag & Drop Store Builder now makes it possible to create a beautiful store in minutes by choosing from dozens of professionally-designed templates. From there, you can quickly and easily customize everything you want, from layout, colors, content and more. Best of all, there are no design or tech skills required.

Not only that, but you can even edit your product details from the front-end, saving you time and hassle whenever you want to make small changes!

– Sellosity SmartCheckout
Sellosity’s seamless SmartCheckout process will have you getting paid faster than ever before, and what’s more is that your customers are going to LOVE you for it!

Not only can you create custom checkout pages for each individual product, but you can also personalize them with your customer’s name and a range of proven conversion boosters (such as countdown timers, reviews, trust seals and more) to drive sales and further enhance your user experience.

Best of all, you also have the option to turn on 1-Page Express Checkout which enables your customers to speed through the checkout process without having to refresh the page, leading to drastically reduced cart abandonment rates.

– Find Quality Products to Sell FAST
We love automation and we know you do, too. That’s why Sellosity features a built-in Product Import wizard that dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to source high quality products from dropshipping marketplaces such as AliExpress. So, it’s now easier than ever before to find the perfect products to sell on your store.

Not only that, but we make it incredibly simple for you to migrate your existing stores from Amazon, Ebay and Shopify over to Sellosity. What’s more is that we’re also constantly adding new marketplaces for you to source products from and searching for even smarter ways to find awesome products you can profit from.

– Automated Dropshipping Engine
One of the best things about ecommerce as a business model is that you never have to personally see, touch, package or ship a single product if you don’t want to.

In fact, back when I owned the second largest art store on the internet, each and every aspect of that business was 100% automated. But it certainly didn’t stop us from turning over seven figures a year in revenue, and with the power of Sellosity at your disposal it won’t stop you, either.

Sellosity’s built-in Dropshipping Engine completely automates the ordering process, immediately forwarding your customer’s order and packing slip to the vendor so they can ship the product on your behalf.

And if you have a team of outsourcers, you can also use this feature to bulk process orders from AliExpress so your team can focus on the task at hand.

– 100% Mobile Commerce Optimized
More and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online. In 2017, mobile ecommerce revenue is set to skyrocket by at least 50%, and with Sellosity you can be among the first to capitalize on this trend.

Not only is Sellosity fully mobile-optimized, but with mobile wallets taking center stage during this transition, this is where Sellosity’s 1-Page Express Checkout feature comes into its own. Based on the type of device your customer is using, Sellosity automatically adapts the checkout process to meet their needs, allowing your customers to quickly complete the ordering process on their smartphone or tablet, leading to reduced cart abandonment rates and a much improved user experience.

This is vitally important as mobile and social commerce continue to grow, because customers who are visiting your store on a mobile device are much more likely to be on the go, and as such do not want to be waiting ages for your store to load. Thankfully, Sellosity allows you to cater to the needs of the mobile consumer and set yourself up for success in mobile commerce right from the outset.

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Sellosity Ecommerce Platform By Sean Donahoe – The Smart Way To Build Highly Profitable Ecommerce Business Easiest With Drag And Drop Tech, Smartcheckout, Find Quality Product, Real Time Analytics, Smartship, Seo, Proven And Stable Framework, Multipayment Gateway, And More

– Predictive, Real-Time Analytics
These newer analytics replace the standard ones from yesteryear and provide deeper level of insight and scope than ever before. Not only can you track sales and see exactly where your visitors come from, but with Sellosity you now have the ability to assign tracking signals to every possible conversion point, and follow every customer interaction from its source to either a conversion, an abandonment, or a bounce.

You can then use this wealth of information to better understand the behavior of your customers, and instantly determine what small changes you can make to dramatically increase conversions across the board. Research has shown that store owners who harness the power of predictive analytics generate, on average, 73% higher sales than those who don’t.

– Sellosity SmartShip
The fact is, many new ecommerce entrepreneurs either don’t give much thought to shipping their products, or they don’t fully understand the confusing world of shipping and fulfillment. This often results in a poor customer experience and, if you don’t do your research, you could even end up losing money on shipping.

That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to take the hassle out of this usually complex part of the equation, making it point-and-click simple for you to set up shipping rules based on price, weight, location, vendor and even behavioral aspects such as product purchased, cart totals and more…

Even better, Sellosity automatically calculates country and state tax rates so you don’t have to stress about these aspects at all.

– Tap Into New Global Markets
International markets account for approximately $1.6 trillion of global eCommerce trade. In other words, if you are only selling to one region, you are potentially leaving a whopping 70% of your profit on the table!

Thankfully, we have the answer. Sellosity allows you to automatically translate your store’s content into multiple languages at the click of a button and then “fine tune” any translations. You can also sell in the local currency and set different shipping rules and tax rates for different countries and regions.

– Display Your Products YOUR Way…
Each product you add to your store can be displayed in a multitude of different ways, enabling you to customize each product page on an individual basis to maximize conversions and profits. Unlike most other third-party platforms, we don’t limit your options. You can add scarcity elements, evergreen countdown timers, live or static limited availability graphics, scheduled offer expiration and custom calls to action (CTAs). The possibilities really are endless!

We even give you the ability to “collapse” the header and show or hide any element to eliminate distractions for optimal focus on the product. This is perfect for mobile customers and when driving paid traffic to your offers through Facebook, Google AdWords, and more.

– Print on Demand Automation
Print-on-demand has been a huge boost to the eCommerce industry and our customers LOVE the automated options we have for selling t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and more.

Sellosity integrates with many of the leading print-on-demand vendors and automates everything from product creation to fulfilling orders. All you have to do is connect Sellosity to your print-on-demand vendor of choice, and with a couple of clicks you’ll be ready to launch a wildly profitable print-on-demand empire.

Our automated dropshipping engine also allows you to import and process orders from marketplaces like AliExpress, freeing up time for you to focus on growing your business (instead of doing all the nitty-gritty tasks involved with running it!)

– Get More Traffic From Search Engines
Getting your store ranked on the first page of Google is essential for long-term success and Sellosity’s built-in SEO engine tweaks every aspect of your store to boost your search engine rankings and help you tap in to masses of free, laser-targeted traffic that the search engine giant can provide.

As with many of Sellosity’s features, most of these SEO tools are 100% automatic, allowing you to focus on increasing sales and profits while Sellosity does ALL the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, with all the conversion-boosting design elements Sellosity includes to ensure your store is both fast to load and easy to navigate, your customers will LOVE your store and so will the search engines. As a result, they’ll reward you with better search engine rankings!

– Full Step-By-Step Ecommerce Training
Unlike other ecommerce platforms, we don’t just give you the tools you need to build your store and then leave you to figure out how to attract and convert customers all on your own. Your success is important to us, and that’s why we are providing you with a wealth of step-by-step training to help you get the most out of Sellosity and gives you an almost unfair advantage over the competition.

In a marketplace where people who have sold a few products online declare themselves overnight “experts,” our development team boasts decades of real-world combined ecommerce experience. We take you by the hand and show you what really works in the world of ecommerce, showing you how to grow your ecommerce business to the seven or eight-figure level.

– Build On A Proven Ecommerce Framework
Sellosity is built upon a proven, secure and stable eCommerce framework for WordPress that boasts over 1 million installs and powers over 37% of ALL eCommerce stores, more than 3x that of our nearest competitor. With a huge support community already, we built Sellosity on top of this core framework to take it to the next level and ensure you have absolutely everything you need to succeed. This way, you can rest assured you’re not risking your business on an insecure or unstable platform that could do more harm than good. No, you need to make sure that the platform you choose for the future of your business is rock-solid and with Sellosity it is.

– Use ANY Payment Processor You Want
Unlike other ecommerce platforms that tie you into using their payment processor and charge you a premium if you use any other payment system, we believe that you should be in full and total control of your own business. You should be able to run YOUR business YOUR way and with our framework you can choose and use any payment processor you want.

Speaking of which, there are several leading payment processors supported right out of the box. Gone are the days of being limited to one payment processor. Sellosity integrates with all the leading payment processors including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and so you can accept credit card payments. And the best part is, we don’t charge you a dime for the privilege. The only fees you pay are with your payment processor. How’s that for freedom?


Sellosity by Sean Donahoe


Sellosity by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity System - Best Ecommerce Platform by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity System – Best Ecommerce Platform by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity System - Best Ecommerce Platform by Sean Donahoe

Sellosity System – Best Ecommerce Platform by Sean Donahoe