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[GET] DealCount Pro By Mario Brown

DealCount Review – Brand New Tool To Make a Real-time scarcity and also a video live that will help you to increase your sales and conversion

DealCount is designed to be as simple as possible for any online business owner, but with all the power of true scarcity built in that forces potential customers to act fast. With DealCount, you will be viewed as a marketer or an affiliate that actually keeps their word when it comes to limiting copies at a certain price or to be sold out completely. You can use the scarcity mode on this software with ease and you don’t need to deal with such a complicated steps or techy things. You can just set up your product to sell or select a product you want to promote as an ffiliate. Then, you can set up your campaign inside DealCount and customize your overlay and decide what content to display to visitors. With DealCount you don’t have to use all the sales page from another marketer. If you have your own sales page then use the campaigns embed code and add it to your site. If someone else hosts the site, just add the URL to your campaign settings and let it be hosted by the app. finally, every visitor of your site will see the overlay and be forced to jump on your offer as they see that its expiring. Getting setup with dealcount is incredibly easy. But remember that is only one use of this powerful platform. You can use it to make deals for offline clients. You can use it to run any contest, you can use it to build any email list, and many more. As a retargeting app only limit to use this incredible tool is your creativity. If deal count helped boost your conversions by only 1%, that could be the difference between leaving money on the table or massively increasing your revenue. So let’s say that you sold a product and with 100 visitors you made 1 sale. That’s a 1% conversion rate. And let’s also say that your profit was $100 dollars. Now let’s say that Deal Count increased that to only 2% with the same amount of visitors. All things being equal, you’d now be making $200 with 100 visitors instead of the regular $100. Given the example above, let’s say that you have a 2% conversion rate instead of the 1% ongoing. So with 1000 visitors at 1% you’d make $1000. With the new 2% conversion rate you’d make $2000. A difference of $1000.00 with the same traffic. Obviously, these are all hypothetical numbers but anyone can see, even a small conversion boost could be the difference between a winning campaign and a dud. So, by adding this to your campaigns, you will be in the perfect position to extract maximum conversions from traffic to your offer with DealCount.

DealCount is a great tool to make a real time scarcity and also a video live that will help you to increase your sales and conversion. One of the most important things skills you can master when marketing online is get more money with a less work. For example, if you get 100 people to hit your landing page, that is 100 eager eyes on your offer. If you can do something to make those 100 potential customers turn into more sales than they would otherwise, you are doing what can be the biggest growth engine for your business. There are many ways to accomplish this, and one of the biggest things, that’s why this in-house lab is always building apps, customer support tools and conversion boosters that help our business reach the maximum audience, in a way that helps that audience and allows for a smooth customer experience. DealCount comes from necessity. This is an app to easily and automatically update when your offers were about to sell out. DealCount does everything from full on exit intent pop-ups with live scarcity right through to small, subtle proof style notifications. If you market anything online, or for offline clients, this app has something for you. No more manual updates, time consuming how many copies left edits, no more support tickets asking if an offer is still open because DealCount handles it for you. You don’t need to be a tech wonderkid or a hardcore programmer to use DealCount. This is the perfect balance between ease of use and flexibility. You will be able to use it without having any tech skill or prior experience. This tool is made for any newbie and beginner so that they can achieve the same result as a pro marketer. So, if you are newbie, you don’t need to worry because this tool will work well on you and you can get the result like any other pro marketer. All you need to do is to have this incredible DealCount and you can get all the benefit to boost your sales and also your income.

Check out here >>> DealCount Software – Easily Increase Sales and Conversions With A New Real-Time Scarcity App With Live Audio Updates, Countdowns, and Notifications  In Your Sales Marketing Page

Dealcount Pro

Dealcount Pro

Dealcount Pro

Dealcount Pro

Dealcount oto
Front End – Dealcount Software
OTO #1 – DealCount Template Club Upgrade
OTO #2 – DealCount PRO Upgrade
OTO #3 – DealCount Pro Agency Upgrade


DealCount Features :

–Deal Box

This is a great way to have a really high impact box appear on any website to show how many units are left of a particular deal. Combined with automatic real time updates, this will be a real conversion booster.

–Promo Campaign

In this campaign you will get a review video, a real-time bonus countdown and an overlay on the offer website you are promoting. This way, you are able to add any overlay to any website, and remove 1 key step that can lose visitors.

–Full Screen Exit

In this campaign you will get a full screen exit popup showcasing your marketing message. Usually any marketers will need a custom exit pop app for this, but it is all possible in DealCount. You can have any content in this exit popup, including dropping in your own optin form or video.

–Units Left and Countdown Timer

This is a simple showcase of an “out of the box” functionality provided by one of the templates. This is a conversion supercharger that uses both an audio update, live real-time units left update and a countdown timer.

–subtle red units available and units left

You can make dial things back with this demo and just have a small subtle, but effective, overlay box showing how many units of an offer, or bonuses are left. Remember this figure updates in real time, even while a user is on the page.

–scarcity bar

DealCount can alsso create highly effective ‘scarcity bar’s that you usually see at the top or bottom of an offer. These can contain anything you want, even make them ‘speak’ and say whatever message you type into the app. These audio updates can be set to happen when an event happens, and they play for anyone currently on that page.

–subtle unit update

Not all marketing is based around a hardcore time limit or unit limit, so this software is completed with a very smooth looking proof style option for those cases. All this is done in 1 app unrivalled flexibility from 1 platform.

–not only for sales and promos – perfect for offline too

To show you some of the power in this app, there will be a case study here where you can  use DealCount to create an automatic exit popup for a nightclub in LA, enticing people to sign up for  a contest before they leave the site. This is a demo, no real contest link is active.

–Restaurant online ordering booster

DealCount is called as one big focus is the real-time timers and units gone etc but the name can’t really cover everything this beast does. Here’s an example where you can make an exit popup getting people to order online for a restaurant.

–20% ordering discount

In this one, you can also put together something cool for the restaurant. It gives an audio call to action about the discount, and has it all in a neat container in the bottom left. All this was done without having to touch any code on the restaurants website. You can directly embed it in their site if you wanted though.

–progress bar

Sometimes things just looking a little different is enough to get people’s attention. This progress bar updates live, in real-time if there is a sale or bonus claim but it could be plugged in to any payment or offer you connect to DealCount to. Imagine how effective this would be for coupons for a sale, or tickets to an event. The best part is it is hands free and totally automated.

What You Can Do With DealCount :

  • Updates Sales & Scarcity In Real Time.

Well with DealCount you won’t have to worry about that because DealCount updates the amount of units remaining with real time live text as well as an audio update when a sale happens. Plus it counts down the number of units available with no need for interaction on your part. Just sit back and let the sales roll in while customers scramble to join your latest product or service. It even works when you are an affiliate and are looking to limit bonuses.

  • Take DealCount All Over The ‘Net

There’s no place that you can’t use Deal Count to increase sales and revenue online. With this breakthrough technology, you can have any overlay displayed over any site, even sites you don’t own. Just follow a few simple steps and you are golden. You can even embed it in your own page, and make campaigns with automated audio notifications and anything else you want.

  • Position DealCount Exactly How You Want It

DealCount can be positioned wherever you want, in any size and with practically any content, along with advanced automated sales counting technology. You can make DealCount as subtle or dramatic as you want, creating everything from big, bold timers right through to small subtle notification bubbles.

  • Customize DealCount To Your Heart’s Content

DealCount works and looks exactly however you want it to. You will have the power of customization in your hands with total custom design from size, colors, text, voice audio and backgrounds.  It even has HTML mode so you can get as advanced as you want, if you want, or keep it all within our editing wizard.

  • Never Lack For Backgrounds Again With Image Library

You won’t have to scour the net looking for the perfect background to use with DealCount. This software is built in a huge library of backgrounds that are royalty free and ready to use in our custom DealCount image library.

  • DealCount Updates Visitors On Demand

This amazing software can dynamically update your visitors. For example, if you had only 50 items for sale and 20 were already sold, the very moment another sale came in, Deal Count would immediately announce that to your current visitors with a message saying, hurry – now there’s only 19 left, while at the same time updating the text in real time. That way, people get off their butts and move to buy your products which means more revenue and higher conversions for you.

  • Powerful Automation At Your Fingertips

With similar software, you would have to manually go in and change the counter, the text, and even disable the counter once the sale finished. But with DealCount all of that is easily done for you. You can have it set to disable the display overlay when limits are reached automatically or you can choose to redirect the user to another site.

  • Sound Notifications – Groundbreaking New Feature

You will also have the option to have custom sound notifications on page load as well as when items are being sold. And this isn’t a delayed response. These notifications are in real time as it happens. And it’s all customizable and ready for you to choose from within the existing built in library.

  • No More Generic Audio Messages – Deal Count Lets You Get Specific

Whatever you want DealCount to say to help you increase sales, DealCount can handle it. You will be able to set custom speech notification which plays customized text with dynamic data. And yes, that includes live updated data too or, you can just have DealCount give a welcome message with any text you define, or a comment about your offers expiry you have unlimited options.

  • Deal Count Is Multi-Lingual Too

Well now you won’t have any problems using DealCount because it is included 64 different languages available for all your speech notification needs.

  • Choose Your Overlay Animation

DealCount gives you a ton of overlay animations to choose from. 46 to be exact. With this many overlay animations, your page will never look stale again. And with a fresh page comes fresh sales and revenue.

  • Customize What Happens When The Timer Hits Zero

Along with the many other features that we’ve built into DealCount, you will also be able to choose what you want to happen specifically when the clock hits zero. You can hide the timer, redirect the user, or show a custom message as well.

  • Payment Platform Integration Made Easy

DealCount is created to save time, remove manual work and function perfectly for major payment platforms. There is a direct support for the IPN notification systems for JVZoo, JVShare, W+, Zaxaa, Thrivecart and Paykickstart. This means when a customer buys, DealCount will automatically update and trigger whatever you have set up for it to do.

Check out here >>> DealCount App – Easily Increase Sales and Conversions With A New Real-Time Scarcity App With Live Audio Updates, Countdowns, and Notifications  In Your Sales Marketing Page

Dealcount pro software

Dealcount pro software

Dealcount pro software

Dealcount pro software

Dealcount pro software

Dealcount pro software

DealCount oto

Front End – DealCount Software 

OTO #1 – DealCount Templates Club

DealCount Templates Club is your opportunity to get the access to the popular template packages and you are also able to get 100% commission. Actually you have two ways to make money and save time with DealCount. First, you can sell DealCount directly with 100% profits, or you can easily leverage the templates club and get your profit. You are able to maximize both revenue streams the fastest way possible. You have access to more, newer and higher converting templates right from the start. This allows you to use more and more scarcity for your business, drive more traffic and generate more leads. There are over 80 proven, high converting done for you templates ready for you. Each template is beautifully designed, proven to convert and you can use them instantly. This will save you time and boost your conversions and profits quickly and easily. And the best thing is that you also get resell rights for DealCount. You are able to leverage all the professional sales video, sales page, graphics, testimonials, and social proof. This allows you to make sales immediately with an insane profit margin and zero hassle or headaches. No more manual campaign set up because you just use all the proven high converting templates. Plus, your click through rate and conversions will stay high because you can mix up your templates and you have variety. New templates also allow you to keep your landing pages and sites exciting and interesting. It means that you will make more sales, get more traffic and keep more profits. And here is the crazy part you never ever have to pay monthly for this template club. You will also get the reseller license and it will allow you to get 100% commission for every sales that you make.

What You Will Get From DealCount Templates Club :

  • 80 brand new converting templates exclusively recorded by a professional design company
  • You get the ability to sell dealcount with 100% commission and you keep every single cent leveraging all the marketing material
  • You also get 50% commission of all the upgrades inside the funnel

Everything is done for you including :

–Professional Graphics

–Professional Sales Video

–Professional Copy

–Extremely High Server Speed

–Social Proof & Testimonials

–Amazing Customer Support

–Deep Funnel & All Pages


OTO #2 – DealCount PRO Upgrade

DealCount PRO Upgrade will allow you to create even better, faster, more powerful and higher converting campaigns. You already own the basic version but if you’d like to take things to the next level fast, you should check out this pro version. This means you get more features, more functionality and benefits with the pro version. Businesses need help with their pages and conversions but they all know they should be using deals and urgency but they have zero clues how to do it. They want more leads, more traffic and more sales period. In the basic version you get a total of 10 languages or accents, but in this PRO version you get a total of 64 accents, voices and languages.  In the basic version you get a total of 100 background images and in this PRO version you get a total of 1000 images for your image library. In the basic version you get a total of 10 audio notifications but in this PRO version you get a total of 20 audio notifications. The PRO Version is for anyone that likes more possibilities, more functionality and more customization. It’s also for anyone ready to maximize opportunities, to leverage DealCount to the absolute max. For the highest profits, conversions and highest amount of leads and  sales possible. The PRO version gives you the ultimate edge over your competition

What You Will Get From DealCount PRO Upgrade :

–54 Additional Multi-Language Accents And Voices

–800 Additional Images Inside Your Image Library

–10 Additional Audio Notifications

–36 Extra Animations & Intros

–100% Retargeting Functionality

–100% Exit-Pop Functionality


OTO #3 – DealCount Agency Upgrade

DealCount Agency Upgrade will make you easy to maximize your profits with DealCount immediately. You will get the agency and commercial license for DealCount and also the opportunity to sell all the timers, countdowns, exit pops and tools you create directly to clients and offer them as a service. So here is an opportunity to start a new business at the highest level for one crazy low price. The best part is that this commercial and agency license applies to all templates inside your account. It means that if  you already have the template pack and/or pro version your commercial licenses will cover all of your templates. If you have the basic version, all your current templates are covered by this commercial license. That’s why the pro and template upgrades make so much sense and it would be insane to miss out on this incredible agency license upgrade. Having the agency/commercial license at your disposal allows you to generate revenue with DealCount right away.  You can sell any campaign you create to clients help local businesses in your area improve conversions as a service charge a retainer fee for monthly conversion optimization sell your campaigns on freelance sites. You are able to leverage all the professional sales video, sales page, graphics, testimonials, social proof. DealCount does 90% of the work and you just need to plug it in and customize the templates for your clients. Then, you are able to create as many campaigns and templates as you like for as many clients you like. Finally you can make more money stream. This is where you come in with this commercial license you are 100% free to create and sell your DealCount campaigns any way you like.

The Benefit In Having DealCount Agency Upgrade :

–The Full Agency and Commercial License
–Agency License For All Basic Templates
–Agency License For All The PRO Tools
–Agency License For all The Templates Pack
–Sell All Your Campaigns To Clients
–Charge For DealCount Campaign Services
–Charge Monthly Retainer Fee
–Make Money With DealCount Right Away

What You Can Do With DealCount Agency Upgrade :

–You Can Create and Sell Your DealCount Campaigns Any Way You Like
–You Can Create Unlimited Campaigns For Your Clients, You Can Provide Everything As A Service
–You Can Sell Your DealCount Services On Freelance Sites or Fiverr Or Anywhere Online
–You Can Help Businesses In Your Local Area Offering Video Marketing For Their Companies
–Get Conversions, More Engagement, Traffic & Leads The Perfect Recurring Income Stream For You.

Check out here >>> DealCount App – Easily Increase Sales and Conversions With A New Real-Time Scarcity App With Live Audio Updates, Countdowns, and Notifications  In Your Sales Marketing Page

DealCount Bonus

DealCount Pro Bonus DealCount Pro Bonus DealCount Pro Bonus DealCount Pro Bonus DealCount Pro Bonus DealCount Pro Bonus DealCount Pro Bonus

DealCount is a great tool for you that will give you an ease to engage many more people and make more sales easily. You will be able to use this because you only need to do three simple steps to get started. You can get your marketing campaign in minutes without any technical things. There’s no need to accept that for your online marketing campaigns not generating the maximum return from your traffic and DealCount will help you do that. You will get many great features inside this software and you will also be able to maximize your sales every day and also you can boost your traffic, leads, and conversion. This Dealcount software is built in to make your work easier but you can get the money stream that you have dreamed of. You can get anything you want and you will also be able to be ahead among your competitors with this software. Don’t wait and don’t delay. Because every second you do is another second that you could be losing money on your own products or any affiliate products you promote. You will absolutely love this software solution and the results from it in form of conversions, sales and profits.

Check out here >>> DealCount App – Easily Increase Sales and Conversions With A New Real-Time Scarcity App With Live Audio Updates, Countdowns, and Notifications  In Your Sales Marketing Page

buy DealCount

Dealcount oto
Front End – Dealcount Software
OTO #1 – DealCount Template Club Upgrade
OTO #2 – DealCount PRO Upgrade
OTO #3 – DealCount Pro Agency Upgrade

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Vidinflux Platinum Viral Video Creator App By Tom Yevsikov Review – Powerful Software To Make Free Viral Video and Get More Traffic, Leads From Social Media Easy and Simply To Use

Vidinflux Platinum Viral Video Creator App By Tom Yevsikov Review – Powerful Software To Make Free Viral Video and Get More Traffic, Leads From Social Media Easy and Simply To Use

Vidinflux Platinum will be your best choice to get much more profit by creating video effortlessly. You are able to create video without needing to have any knowledge or even to have any technical skill and you can get more leads and sales. You will get organic and fast free traffic on demand so you will be able to get many more profit. You are also able to create video and captivate visitors and grab attention until they click and buy. They will click your video and buy from you so you can get more leads and sales easily. You don’t need to do a big effort to get visitors and buyer because all you need is this super software. You might be surprised because you will get crazy results without your own video. Not only the easiest and simplest way to create a video, you will also get special limited time commercial license so you can make $200 – $500 starting today. With Vidinflux Platinum you are able to create and publish amazing social videos like big social influencers do and the best part is that you can do it on autopilot. This is a cloud based software so it means that you don’t need to install anything or download the software. Everything is hosted for you in the cloud, so you just need to login and use it as you want. You also don’t need to worry to create as many videos as you wish because you will never lose your space. This software will give you mass control over huge audiences. All you need to do is three simple steps to get started with this software. The first step you need to do is you can create attention getting social videos in 1 minute. You don’t need to take a long time to create a video, you just need to do it in 60 seconds and you will have your stunning video. The next step is to publish your video. You can publish for easy and get many more traffic from Facebook. Then, the last step you need to do is to set on autopilot for each campaign to run for you. You will get a crazy result automatically by doing such a simple thing. Video is the best tool to get traffic and money from online. Many marketers know that the power of video is undeniable and you can get the best result ever. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. And many marketers know that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. And the power of video and Facebook will really increase your traffic and profit because Facebook videos have increased 360% across everyone’s news feeds. This means that having videos on social media will put you on a huge advantage to getting loads of traffic using Vidinflux Platinum.

Vidinflux Platinum is a software that will help you to have an incredible and stunning video to post on your social media. You will be able to make any offer and get many more leads and sales like crazy. The important this is that social videos get more attention, clicks and shares. You need to have a stunning video to grab the attention from the visitors and buyers. Go to FB and watch the videos that are most engaged with, most interact with. Those aren’t any normal videos and those are social videos. They look different, they use social elements, they use moving elements, the use frames, layers, and GIF’S.  Now you have the power to turn normal, boring videos into highly engaging and converting social videos in minutes. This software is a drop dead attention getting and effective Social Videos and it requires zero graphical or technical skills. You will easily get free viral and organic Facebook Traffic and you will get 500,000,000 daily users watch your video. Vidinflux Platinum also helps you to set your campaign on autopilot so you don’t need to work so hard. This software is made to be getting traffic, grabbing attention and creating social videos point and click easy. You can create social video easily and you don’t need to spend much more money. With this software you can create your own video, record, or use an animation software. You can add social elements, make sure they are the right dimensions, the right size. You can animate those social elements and make your own GIF animations. All you want to do to get many more profit is inside this software and you can do it effortlessly. This is the easiest way to get a social video. Now, it’s time for you to grab this powerful Vidinflux Platinum soon.

Check here >>> Vidinflux Platinum Viral Video Creator App By Tom Yevsikov Review – Powerful Software To Make Free Viral Video and Get More Traffic, Leads From Social Media Easy and Simply To Use

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux OTO
Front End – Vidinflux Platinum
OTO #1 – Vidinflux Pro Upgrade Treasure Box
OTO #2 – Vidinflux DFY Monthly
OTO #3 – Vidinflux Unlimited Reseller Right

The Benefit In Having Vidinflux Platinum :

  • Drop dead attention getting & effective social videos in seconds
  • Zero graphical or technical skills required
  • Free viral and organic facebook traffic (500,000,000 daily users watch video)
  • 100% newbie-friendly, drag, drop and publish
  • Looks perfect on mobile (everyone gets this wrong)
  • Set campaigns on autopilot
  • Cloud based, no installation needed, 24/7 uptime

Vidinflux Platinum Steps by Steps :

  • Step 1 : Create

Select your video from youtube automatically fetches with CC rights, upload your own or use a URL. Vidinflux fetches the most viral and relevant content for your FB post or ad, publishes it for you via API and gets you traffic. This is all done in oneclick.

  • Step 2 : Click

Start designing it with a drag and drop dashboard, put your elements like emojis, gifs, layers, special effects and more. You need zero tech experience or design experience required.

  • Step 3 : Profit

This step is all about automation. Here you can put the campaign or multiple campaigns on autopilot and they keep producing traffic for you 24/7. Plus full social analytics dashboard with social reactions and engagement report directly from FB.

What You Will Get Vidinflux Platinum :

  • Get organic and fast free traffic on demand
  • Captivate visitors and grab attention until they click and buy
  • Get crazy results without your own video
  • Special limited time commercial license so you can make $200 – $500 starting today
  • Create adn publish amazing social videos like big social influencers do on autopilot
  • Cloud based software means no installation or download needed

Vidinflux Special Launch Bonuses :

  • Bonus 1 : 1 Click Full Social Media Syndication

With this added bonus, you can now syndicate to networks such as Twitter, linkedin, G+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Stumbleupon so you can get even more traffic from difference social media networks.

  • Bonus 2 : Pro “Layers” Technology

Adding layers to your social videos is a great way to get more engagement and more attention but it’s a crazy to create on other software like Camtasia. The high end tech makes it point and click simple and you get access to this tech as a limited time bonus.

  • Bonus 3: Auto Hashtags Syndication

Automatically import all the tags from youtube and turn them into social media hashtag in 1 click. This cool feature will save you a lot of time and do the entire function in just 1 click.

Check here >>> Vidinflux Platinum Viral Video Creator App By Tom Yevsikov Review – Powerful Software To Make Free Viral Video and Get More Traffic, Leads From Social Media Easy and Simply To Use

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux Platinum Software

Vidinflux OTO