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Alterzon Software By Ben Murray – Best WP Plugin To Build Your Affiliate Store Like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc With High Authority Site To Force People Buy From Your Store Instantly

Alterzon Software By Ben Murray – Best WP Plugin To Build Your Affiliate Store Like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc With High Authority Site To Force People Buy From Your Store Instantly

Alterzon software is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution divided into two parts, a groundbreaking educational training and cutting-edge WordPress based software. First, you are getting access to the Alterzon software plugin. For the first time quickly create authority affiliate stores loaded with hot selling products and cutting-edge features all-in-one to pull the traffic and convert it hands-free. The Alterzon software is packed with powerful features to get free traffic and convert visitors into buyers like never before. You will get many great features inside this software. With this software you are able to import product from 6 major of affiliate networks. With Alterzon by Ben Murray you are able to crush your competitors by giving your visitors more choices and become an instant authority store in any niche. You will also get the feature of price comparison. This feature will automatically give visitors the best deal so they always buy from you, nobody else. With this software you will also get and automated Email Notification. This email notification technology can help build your list to remarket to over and over giving users a reason to give you their email. You can fully customize each email with pro templates and short codes including the out of stock products, custom price drop alert created product, back in stock and many more. You get a full control of your product with this software. You can add your own content, reviews, and bonuses to guarantee people seek out your affiliate link to buy from you. This software will also help you to know exactly how to make money. You can see every keyword that people enter in your store’s search box, showing you exactly what they want to buy and products you should add. This software is built in cutting edge technology that will create the traffic for you and it will also help you in getting stores that are packed with SEO power. You are able to edit tags, title, description, and more to supercharge your rankings. Now, you can easily dominate Google for thousands of low hanging keywords. No more blowing cash on advertising and more slaving over endless content. All you need is only to have Alterzon Pro.

Alterzon Pro will allow you to create and profit from fully customizable WordPress affiliate stores with the new upgraded version of the first store builder. If you are still trying to make money with copycat affiliate stores stuffed with fake reviews and copy or pasted product listings your days are numbered. People will only buy from authority stores and sites that give them an awesome shopping experience now. So, you need to have affiliate sites that are loaded with value and provide a better experience like price comparisons options, price discount alert notifications, real time discounts with up-to-date prices, original content, and plenty of quality product choices from multiple networks in one, etc. When you create an authority store that has these awesome shopping experiences and provides big-time value you can quickly break away from the fierce competition and start filling your pockets with affiliate cash. So, that’s why this Alterzon Pro is designed for any affiliate marketing to have more opportunities to get profit. It turns out affiliate marketing is still the easiest way to profit and there are more niches and products now than ever to choose from. Plus, shoppers now make 51% of their purchases on the web and they love to buy physical product from online. It means that as a marketer, you have the opportunity to sell a physical product online and get more profit than ever before. It’s much easier to sell physical products than digital products and services people don’t need to be sold or persuaded into buying because you just show them where to buy. Moreover, being an ecommerce affiliate means you don’t need to stock products, worry about payment processors, or do any kind of order fulfillment. You can get paid when people click and buy through your affiliate links instead. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are built to reward authority and value now. There’s no room anymore for traditional copy/paste niche affiliate sites that offer nothing the original product listings can’t offer. So, you can forget all the traditional, complicated and boring process. As of today, there’s no software that can build a true authority, traffic-pulling e-com affiliate store. Sure, there are some that pull images, listing descriptions, and can even import products from several affiliate networks at once. But, there’s nothing that is truly push-button easy and simaltaniously gives the potential buyer a reason to subscribe and seek out your store vs just going to the original listing on Amazon, AliExpress, BestBuy, etc. and buying there. So you will get most-advanced store builder software, Multistore Builder, and upgraded it to an entirely new ultra, affiliate marketing weapon that comes with in-depth affiliate education which is Alterzon Pro.

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Alterzon Software by Ben Murray

Alterzon Software by Ben Murray

Alterzon Software by Ben Murray Review

Alterzon Software by Ben Murray Review

Alterzon Software by Ben Murray

Alterzon Software by Ben Murray

Alterzon OTO
Front End – Alterzon Pro
OTO #1 – Alterzon Platinum Upgrade
OTO #2 – Alterzon Reseller Upgrade
OTO #3 – Altersynd Pro Upgrade
OTO #4 – Alterzon AlterNiche DFY List Upgrade

The Features Inside Alterzon Pro :

  • Import Products from 6 Major Affiliate Networks

One-click import the products you believe in or bulk import multiple products at once from Aliexpress, Amazon, Bestbuy, eBay, Walmart, and Commission Junction, all encoded with your unique affiliate ID. Explode your Google traffic. The more products and content your store has, the more you will show up in Google’s search results for buyer related keywords.

  • Price Comparison Engine

Visitors can quickly check the price of each product on other websites, without ever leaving your store. They check via the search box or a listing will appear next to the original product you have imported.

  • Price Drop Email Notification Technology

If a product is “too expensive” for your visitors they can 1-click subscribe to your site and email list and get notified when the price has dropped by a certain percent or a certain discount they choose automatically. Plus, if the product was out of stock you can send email alerts when it comes back in stock, too

  • Social Syndication Price Drop Technology

With Alterzon, the traffic is built in. Not only can you autopost to Facebook and Twitter when you import a new product, but in a world’s first, you can autopost to Facebook and Twitter when the price drops for that product or when it’s back in stock and available to buy.

  • Shop and Import by Realtime Discounts

Check out if the product you’re importing is currently on sale or discounted. Plus, this feature allow your visitors can filter products by their maximum price drop or saving, in $ or % amounts creating a great shopping experience.

  • Advanced Customization and Control

Works seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce, so it’s ultra flexible to help your business stand out and get traffic. Customize the post title, description and meta-info to make each listing 100% unique and rankable. Plus, tap into the power of Wordrpess and integrate with millions of with other plugins.

  • Customer Wish list Cart

This feature will allow users to sort by discount or relevance, then create a ‘Wishlist’ account to add products to buy later. 10x your store ROI and earn repeat buyers and visitors with this groundbreaking feature.

  • Built-in Social Proof

You can boost sales by importing web reviews for any product or allow your visitors to leave their own testimonial or comment on your site.

  • Advanced Shortcode Technology

Use simple shortcodes to import strings of products from any affiliate network. Great for promoting multiple products at once and maximizing sales.

  • Simple Product Organizer

Organize your store’s product inventory using simple categories right inside WordPress.

  • Auto-Price Updating

Unlike other store builders, always showcase the most up-to-date prices of the products so they accurately reflect the original listing on the network they are being sold.

  • Backend Store Reports

Get full control over what’s happening inside your store with reporting logs. Keep track of critical data, such as auto price updates, price drops, product imports, and more.

  • Create Multiple Store License

Why stop with one store? Now you can create an endless stream of money-making stores, pulling in free clicks and passive sales every single day.


Alterzon Pro Quick Steps :

  • Step 1 : Create

The first step you need to do is to create. You can launch your first authority store in a couple of clicks, full of hot selling products encoded with your unique affiliate IDs.

  • Step 2 : Attract

Now, you are able to attract people. Get store visitors with advanced ‘built-in’ traffic features and authority value status.

  • Step 3 : Make Profit

Give your visitors an awesome shopping experience that turns them into lifetime subscribers and buyers

What You Will Learn Inside Alterzon Pro :

  • What types of niches work today and 4 step formula for finding yours and profiting long term
  • How to stand out from thousands of other affiliates who are promoting the same products as you and other listing sites
  • How and where to get the traffic to your sites, even if your brand new and not an authority in your space.
  • The 5 elements of a successful affiliate promotion
  • The Onion Strategy to dominating your space quickly, guaranteeing you get traffic and repeat buyers
  • The difference between evergreen affiliate campaigns and limited-time ones and how to do both correctly
  • How to create and use high-value bonuses, even for ecommerce products, to 3x-4x your profit
  • How to make passive income long-term from all your stores
  • The Tim Ferriss strategy for creating a product review listing so that it profits passively for multiple years.

Check here >>> [Get] Alterzon Software By Ben Murray – Best WP Plugin To Build Your Affiliate Store Like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc With High Authority Site To Force People Buy From Your Store Instantly

Alterzon Affiliate Authority system by Ben Murray

Alterzon Affiliate Authority System by ben murray

Alterzon Affiliate Authority system by Ben Murray

Alterzon Affiliate Authority System by Ben Murray

Alterzon Pro license

Alterzon Pro License


Alterzon OTO

Front End – Alterzon Pro

OTO 1— Alterzon Platinum Upgrade

Alterzon Platinum Upgrade will show you how to get more traffic, leads, and commissions from affiliate stores 250% faster. So, getting traffic and leads long term for your affiliate business just got far easier thanks to Alterzon. This is the upgraded and new version of Alterzon. This does include powerful features and uncapped usage rights many serious Alterzon ‘power-users’ will want to get the most out of their purchase and maximize results for themselves. So, if you’re one of those users interested in using Alterzon to its full potential with more cutting-edge features and uncapped restrictions to save far more time, you will love this upgrade version. This is the exact same technology that’s allowed you to take decently converting affiliate sites and double the amount of revenue from them. In fact, Alterzon platinum has helped directly contribute to building a big responsive email list. So, you’re getting access to everything that was offered as a part of Alterzon Pro, plus essential features to put your affiliate stores on steroids and profit more from your purchase.

Alterzon Platinum Upgrade New Features :

  • Unlock Unlimited Stores Key

With Alterzon Pro, you’re limited in the amount of actual niche stores you can create meaning what you can earn is capped. However, with Alterzon Platinum your income potential is now unlimited. Create as many niche stores as you like, test out as many ideas you can, and never worry about having to go back and delete some profitable stores to make room for others.

  • Unlock Unlimited Imports Key

With Alterzon Pro, you’re restricted to the amount of products you can import. Meaning even if you get a successful store going you’re stuck with a limited amount of products, unable to grow it to major authority status. But now, you can relax and import as many products as you want.

  • Commercial Rights License

Did you know affiliate site builders are among the most request and best selling tools out there? Now, you can get the Commercial Rights to install Alterzon for other people. Charge them a set-up service or monthly on-going maintenance fee to set up a store.Or, help monetize an already established blog by adding an affiliate store or affiliate products to their already published content.

  • Outsourcers License

Look, even with all the features and ability Alterzon brings, it still requires time to set up the sites and import all the products. However, with the Outsourcers License you can have outsourcers go in and set up the sites for you on true 100% autopilot.

  • Video Content Engine Feature

With this add-on plugin you can find relevant videos from YouTube that relate to your product and publish them on autopilot to your blog complete with your Alterzon products right underneath each video. Combine video marketing with authority store building for a stream of endless content you can rank and pull traffic from hands-free.

Pixabay Image and Video 1-Click Integration

  • The secret to pulling traffic and converting buyers is to have the best product listing

With Pixabay image and video integration feature, you can now find relevant images and video to instert into your Alterzon product description to help them rank higher and get shared more when you syndicate them to social media.

  • Ability to Download Videos and Audios

Now, you can download the Alterzon Authority System videos and audio files to listen anywhere you want.

  • Request Future Features

As a Platinum user, you will get to be first in line to have your ideas developed into Alterzon. There are a massive updated in this product and now want your ideas to make it even better.

Alterzon Platinum Upgrade Bonuses :

  • Bonus 1: Keywork Link Software

Instantly convert any specific keywords on your site to Amazon affiliate links in a second. Not only can you earn commissions from products, but earn when people click on specific links and keywords now too to double your earning potential

  • Bonus 2 : Authority Traffic

The faster you can start generating the traffic to your Alterzon stores, the faster you will profit. With this bonus, you will get a head start on generating authority traffic to profit even faster.

  • Bonus 3 : Keyword Research Software

Since you can edit each Alterzon listing, why not optimize them to rank for longtail untapped buyer keywords instead of the exact same generic listing keyword? That may take some time, so to speed that up you are getting valuable keyword research software for finding untapped keywords and profitable long tail opportunities fast.


OTO 2— Alterzon Reseller Upgrade

Alterzon Reseller Upgrade will allow you to easily resell the groundbreaking alterzon system and keep 100% of the profits. You can get the access to a proven, simple side-business selling the groundbreaking Alterzon software as your own with DFY set-up limited time. Right now you have a significant advantage in the crowded market space of affiliate marketing and profiting online. There’s tons of new marketers looking to set up their own profitable stores and content-filled blogs that need a better monetization system.  That’s right, unlike all other reseller solutions that require you to set up the sales pages, find the clients, write the material, you can start profiting immediately. This is a solid, simply opportunity for anyone looking to make a quick $500-600 per week selling quality, in-demand software. As long as your software is unique and solves a real problem, you can make sales from it fast and build a list. And now, you get access to what is by far the best, most advanced one. A proven solution in a hungry market.

What You Can Do With Alterzon Reseller Upgrade :

  • Ability to sell Alterzon and the Alterzon Affiliate Authority Sytem for 100% profit
  • DFY salespage and funnel setup so you can begin promoting immediatly
  • The rights to all our marketing materials to use as your very own to land clients
  • The rights to bundle it into one of your own marketing services if you want

OTO 3—Altersynd Pro Upgrade

Altersynd Pro Upgrade is a point and click cloud-based application for generating massive social traffic while building your list fast. This easy-to-use app is the perfect solution for any marketer who wants to cash in on viral traffic from highly engaging, social media images and videos. This software is helping you to discover how to drive traffic with completely hands-off campaigns anyone, regardless of experience can create in 5 minutes. You can get more clicks and sales from every post and you will get many viewers drooling to share your content and money links. It means that you can build your list and profits on autopilot and you can drive viral traffic as you want for free. Alterzon is going to help a ton by giving a great customer experience, but most affilaite sites and stores are struggling to get initial traffic at all and chances are great your stores could stand to get more reliable, scalable traffic too. Altersynd will never be launched to the public for good reasons and the only reason it’s available now is to help Alterzon buyers get far more results and jumpstart their traffic. So this is your only opportunity to get this powerful software and get many more traffic.

Altersynd Pro Upgrade Features :

  • Post Clickable Image

Post clickable images to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ directly from Altersyd and stop leaking leads and sales when your profile visitors fail to notice your offers. All other images when clicked don’t redirect to your link. Altersynd’s clickable images redirect visitors to any website of your choosing including links to affiliate offers often blocked by social media platforms. The results? Tons of affiliate sales.

  • Create Dynamic Video

Create dynamic videos with unique headlines descriptions and fully customizable calls-to-action buttons to send your click through rates through the roofs require your audience to optin to watch any viral video from Vimeo in your niche to build a list to remarket to over and over.

  • Schedule Call To Actions

Schedule calls-to-action buttons to appear at a point in your video when viewers will be most receptive to sharing or subscribing to your list.

  • Video Poster

Video poster creates enormous buzz with 5 different interaction options . Just choose form opt-in-gate, share gate, timed opt-in gate, timed share gate and call-to-action. AlterSynds slick dynamic video options make it almost child’s play to get visitors to share your videos and subscribe to your list

  • API Integration

Full API integration with popular autoresponders like SendLane, Aweber, Active Campaign, and more. Your leads are directly added to your list without any tedious export and uploading required.

  • Detailed image and video analytics included

You can optimize your campaigns quickly with the in-depth analytics module baked into the AlterSynd dashboard. Copy and pasting your most successful campaigns to dominate new niches and markets has never been easier.

  • One Click Syndication

Not only can you 1-click share clickable viral images to Facebook, but also post to Twitter, Pintrest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

OTO #4— Alterzon Niche DFY List Upgrade

Alterzon Niche DFY List Upgrade gives you the right 40 profitable niches and you can easily get more traffic just in a glance. For instance, if your niche is popular but too overly saturated, it could take months to see any visitors due to high competition. However, if there’s hardly any competition are you sure you can drive traffic make sustainable income long term. To be honest, most people won’t even make it past this step and never take action and set up their store because they couldn’t figure out an optimal niche to even buy a domain for. Now you don’t need to worry because this software will help you in picking up the most profitable niche on earth. 40 hand select niches that you can swipe and use so there’s no time wasted making money and profiting. For sure, most people will download the software, and then stall because they aren’t 100% what niche is best to start in. And some might do some clicking around and basic research and get eventually just get distracted by the next tool or launch, and never get results. Save yourself the weeks, even months, of researching finding a solid affiliate business idea and get this software soon.

What Niche You Will Get From Alterzon Niche DFY List Upgrade :

  • Market Demand Niche

If there isn’t a real need for the product and if few people know about it, it will be harder to get traction and views.

  • Commissions Given Niche

Niches like fidget spinners were not listed because yes, they were popular and trending but the commissions earned would be only a few cents and competition would be difficult. These niches provide a variety of commission and products.

  • Saturation and Competition Niche

There are enough new products in these niches that competition is not so intense it will be impossible to ever rank or get traffic.

  • Earnings Ceiling Niche

Once you have an established following, is it possible to expand outward to more products, or will your site be stuck with only a few products that could be outranked by other authority sites?

Alterzon BONUS?

Take a look in the end of this post, I’ll post you all the BONUSES that you’ll get from this site.

Recap everything you will get :

  • Import products from 6 major affiliate networks
  • Price comparison engine
  • 1—click list building + follow up emails
  • Auto price drop notifications
  • Shop by realtime discounts
  • Social price-drop notifications
  • Market research data
  • WordPress and WooCommerce integration
  • Cutting—edge SEO technology
  • Simple product organizer
  • Custom product search
  • Custom product display
  • Update stock availability
  • Automatic product reviews
  • Backend store reports

Alterzon Pro is a great software ever. Alterzon is a plugin that works with Wordrpess and WooCommmerce. To use it, you need to have WordPress installed with Woocommerce installed as well on your own domain and hosting. You don’t need to learn anything and you are able to be a complete newbie to get profit with this software. This software will automatically create value-driven stores in seconds and dive right into the money making action.  You are also able to  create as multiple stores and multiply your income with each one. This software is fully WordPress based, just click and tap your way to profitable stores, in minutes. Everything you need to start getting free traffic is including in-depth affiliate education on Start making real money with your first Authority Stores, or you get it free. Inside this software you will also get Alterzon Affiliate Authority System. This multi-module HD video training program contains our biggest secrets for creating an affiliate business that makes passive income and works long term. It’s packed with the latest tricks, shortcuts, and proven methods that most people will never know about. This is  a private playbook for successfully promoting ecommerce products, information products, software products, and more. It’s integrated on so it’s easy to track your progress, take notes, and get the most out of the training. in addition to the entire Affiliate Authority course you’re getting detailed tutorials on how to setup and use Alterzon and support if you run into any issues. This is a no monthly fee license currently, so you get access to this version of Alterzon with no monthly fees currently. All you need to know is inside this training and you can learn it from Alterzon Pro.

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Alterzon OTO
Front End – Alterzon Pro
OTO #1 – Alterzon Platinum Upgrade
OTO #2 – Alterzon Reseller Upgrade
OTO #3 – Altersynd Pro Upgrade
OTO #4 – Alterzon AlterNiche DFY List Upgrade

Alterzon BONUSES PRO and OTO

#1 Foobar Reseller Right

The Foobar is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a highly customizable bar to the top of your blog or website. You can display different notifications on different pages and define a default bar that will display on all your pages.

Tweets, RSS feeds, social profiles, custom HTML, generating leads, you name it – Foobar can handle it!

Increase sales. Get more newsletter signups. Get more Twitter followers or Facebook likes. Whatever you goals are, Foobar can help you reach them.

With over 30 options to customize, there is no limit to how your Foobar can look and function.


Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS

#2 Commercial Rights to CoursePress Learning Membership

A powerful learning management system so you can design and deliver beautiful courses complete with bold media content, interactive questions, downloadable course work, forums and assessments, all within WordPress – no third-party service required.

Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS

#3 Title Experiments

Most people decide to read your article based solely on it’s title. Are your titles getting in your way?

Test your titles and discover what your readers find interesting. Get more clicks. Get more revenue.

Use the process of A/B Testing to try different variations of your post titles to get a higher click through rate. It’s very simple to add multiple versions of an article title that will be randomly displayed in any post list. Each time the article is listed it is counted as an impression. Each time the article is visited it is counted as a view. This will easily let you see what percentage of impressions get clicked on for each title.

Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS

#4 Agency Rights to Ad Inserter

Ad management plugin with many advertising features to automatically insert adverts. Perfect for all kinds of ads including AdSense. Great also for contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads and rotating banners. Ad Inserter provides many options to insert any Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP or advert code anywhere on the page.

Alterzon BONUS


-16 code (ad) blocks
-Syntax highlighting editor
-Code preview with visual CSS editor
-Automatic insertion before / after post, content, paragraph or excerpt
-Automatic insertion before or after random paragraph
-Automatic insertion before or after multiple paragraphs
-Automatic insertion before or after any HTML element in post
-Automatic insertion at relative position in posts
-Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers
-Automatic insertion between posts on blog pages
-Automatic insertion before, between and after comments
-Insertion exceptions for posts and pages
-Insertion of header and footer code
-Insertion of Google Analytics, Piwik or any other web analytics code
-Manual insertion: widgets, shortcodes, PHP function call Sticky (fixed) widgets (the -sidebar does not move when the page is scrolled, works with most themes)

#5 Reseller Rights to GIF Maker Pro

This is a must have app to convert any part of a video to an animated GIF file. It can convert almost all popular video formats to gif, including AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, VOB, to name just a few… The GIF creation was designed to make this entire process extremely easy for you. The interface is very user-friendly and easy-to-use. You will be able to trim your video and convert only a segment to an optimized small size gif. You GIF will be easy to share on the web… GIFs images are super eye catching right and can be used for pushing a product and service!

Alterzon BONUS

#6 Reseller Rights to FB TNT

Facebook Trending Now Traffic is a simple to install WordPress plugin that allows you to drive traffic like the big boys (google, yahoo, bing)around your site and more importantly off your facebook page and onto your website.

FB TNT uses the power of trending information via rss/xml feeds to drive traffic to your website. It’s very simple to use (watch the demo video) and easy to install and setup. There are many features included in the wordpress plugin such as the ability to set popups, popup delays,and other features to drive targeted traffic to specific offers orlanding pages that you are trying to promote.Start using Facebook and News People want to Read to drive Traffic to your Website!

Alterzon BONUS

#7 Reseller Rights to Supreme Builder

This is A Drag and Drop, Multi-user Website Builder Script, which allow you start your business with a professional website builder service.It allow your users to easily create a responsive website in a few clicks.

The created sites are fully customizable through a Drag and Drop, realtime editing interface. Some of the features Include; Themes and templates, 30+ Modules, Drag and Drop, Sub domain, Responsive layout PayPal for user subscription, Premium plans, Custom domain etc.

Alterzon BONUS



#1 Whitelabel Rights to Cooked

The perfect software with Reddit, have users submit unique recipes right to your site you can then use to help submit to Reddit, bring traffic back to your blog, and eventually build a responsive list in the health/wellness niche (HUGE).

The food niche is the most viral today online, and this is the perfect software to tap into that.

Alterzon BONUS Alterzon BONUS


#2 Niche Keyword Encyclopedia

Detailed Keyword Research For Over 650 Niches! Discover which niches and specific keywords to target and which ones to avoid altogether!

Making money online comes in many ways. There is what we call making money with Google Adsense, paid article review, freelancing, sell your own digital or physical product and affiliate marketing.

For starters, choose the path of affiliate marketing is a good choice as the internet has a lot of tutorials for you to learn from how to get started.

Alterzon BONUS

And the fact is that, it all started with Keyword Research. Now, this task is indeed time consuming and sometimes can be frustrating.

The good news is that, inside this product package is a list of Profitable Niche Keywords that might want to interested to tap into profit.

#3 Resellers Rights to Cool Live Chat

Brand New, Sizzling Hot WP Plugin Enables You To Add Conversion-Increasing Live Chats That Will Send Your Profits Through The Roof!

If you are an online business owner, your first priority may be making your business more profitable and meet the ROI of your marketing investments.

Alterzon BONUS

The thing is that, a huge amount of traffic gone wasted without converting them into leads or customers.

The good news is that, according to the various test and A/B testing that having a LIVE CHAT feature in your online store website or services converts higher compared to those websites that don’t have.

#4 Resellers Rights to WP EZ Lead

#5 Video Niche Cloud

This special training will dive into how to REALLY find untapped affiliate niche opportunities.

If you’re using softwares like Market Samurai, Longtail Pro, doing keyword research, choosing a product based on that… you’re doing it WRONG.

Alterzon OTO BONUS

Here’s a more advanced way to find the hottest affiliate opportunities that is backed up in data.

You’ll learn how to do sophisticated market research to validate with cold hard data from places like, SEMRush, iSpionage, & others (these are free to use for the research we’ll be doing).

Don’t ever feel like you’re ‘hoping’ your affiliate video campaigns will work out again!

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Agency Profits 360 By Han Fan Review – This is the best way to get more money by helping local business grow their business, now it’s easy for you become IM agency that can do web designer, video marketing creator, SEO, Logo Design, facebook ads, etc without hiring and technical skill

Agency Profits 360 By Han Fan – This is the best way to get more money by helping local business grow their business, now it’s easy for you become IM agency that can do web designer, video marketing creator, SEO, Logo Design, facebook ads, etc without hiring and technical skill

Agency Profits 360 is your new solution to get profit as an online marketer. This is a new proven software that will help you to gain much money. This software is proven to convert any web agencies. You are able o scale up to get more and more profit. This will really work for anyone because it is easy to use and you don’t need any experience to use this software and also you don’t need to have any techy skill. You can just sell as much as online service by only one click and get many profit. By having this Gency Profit 360 you are able to be one of the first people who get to profit from this massive wave of opportunity hitting the small business world. These days, very few people get to be the first at anything. Let alone get ahead of a wave like this. Don’t worry, even if you have no experience working with local clients, agencyprofits360 will work for you too. You will get everything that you need in order to succeed and all you will have to do is to follow a few simple steps completely laid out and explained in detail in this system. This Agency Profits 360 will put you in a position of authority and make hundreds of small business owners send you checks month after month. With this software you will get everything by the hand and you will see exactly how to find and sign the best local clients possible in the shortest amount of time. You will also get the secret contact of any outsourcing that will need your help. What will it be like when you start closing as many contracts as you can handle with a professional built agency that is tested and proven to convert hundreds of potential leads into high ticket clients. This is  a risk free software ever that you can use to make profit easily. Imagine what it would be like if in one week from today, all your income stream worries were over. Imagine having hundreds of local clients that see your professional agencies and want to work with you. Imagine getting tons of new orders that you can outsource in a blink of an eye and keep all the profits.

AgencyProfits360 is the only business in a box you need packed with 6 high converting complete agency websites from the most profitable and demanding niches that can be deployed on your domain in just a few clicks. Inside this AgencyProfits360 you will get the digital marketing theme which is the most popular theme and you can use it in your website to increase your profit. You will also get the advertising agency theme. You will get the most stunning and outstanding theme ever. you don’t need to have any skill because it will be so easy for you to get started. Just follow the three dead easy steps to get started. The first step you can do is to access the members area and download AgencyProfits360. This includes all the templates and the bonuses. The next step that you need to do is to choose one of the agency you want to use. You can pick any of it. After that you must import it into WordPress with a couple of clicks. Now, you have a fully working web agency. Make some small changes that fits your business. You’re ready to go now and make more profit. With AgencyProfits360 you finally get a 100% complete solution that lets you cash in by simply delivering what businesses are lining up to pay for. And the best thing is that all the templates can be edited and customized in a matter of minutes without having any technical skills. All you need to do is to get the clients. In order to convince them to work with you, so you have to gain their trust. With Agency profit 360, it’s that simple. Not only that, but you will also have present yourself as an authority in your market before you even get engaged into a conversation. All of the theme are made for WordPress. Most of the students use WordPress and is the most used CMS worldwide. If you don’t know how to use it, you will get some tutorials that will help you get started. All of the agency theme is developed over a large period of time while keeping in mind all the suggestions from the clients. All the  team has the best designers that created those agencies, while always keeping in mind that you want to get as many clients as possible. You don’t need any additional cost to get all the great features. The Only other possible cost you will have is purchase of domain. If you decide to use the divi builder for your projects other than the themes you have purchased.

Check out here : Agency Profits 360 By Han Fan – This is the best way to get more money by helping local business grow their business, now it’s easy for you become IM agency that can do web designer, video marketing creator, SEO, Logo Design, facebook ads, etc without hiring and technical skill

Agency Profits 360 By Han Fan Review

Agency Profits 360 By Han Fan Review

Agency Profits 360 Review

Agency Profits 360 Review

The features inside Agency Profits 360 :

  • Built For WordPress

All of the agency templates are custom built for wordpress,  the easiest content management. Even if you don’t know yet how to use it, we have an easy to follow training for you.

  • Premium Training

You will get everything explained in step-by-step video tutorials. In a few minutes you will learn how to use the ready to use templates and how to customize everything to fit your needs.

  • Easy To Customize

If you want to change anything on the templates, you can do it easily. You can edit the templates with the most powerful graphic builder. No technical skills needed.

All you need to so is three simple steps as follow :

–Step 1 : The first step you can do is to access the members area and download AgencyProfits360. This includes all the templates and the bonuses.

–Step 2 : The next step that you need to do is to choose one of the agency you want to use. You can pick any of it. After that you must import it into WordPress with a couple of clicks.

–Step 3 : Now, you have a fully working web agency. Make some small changes that fits your business. You’re ready to go now

Here Some Service That You can do to get more money with Agency Profits 360:

  • Video Marketing Agency
  • SEO Services
  • Web Designer
  • Facebook Marketing Agency
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Local Marketing

Let’s recap anything you will get inside Agency Profits 360:

  • Digital Marketing Agency Theme (Most Popular theme)
  • Advertising Agency Theme
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO Agency Theme
  • Local Marketing Consulting Agency Theme
  • Social Media Agency Theme
  • Web Design Agency Theme
  • 7 Day Cash Machine

Check out here : Agency Profits 360 By Han Fan – This is the best way to get more money by helping local business grow their business, now it’s easy for you become IM agency that can do web designer, video marketing creator, SEO, Logo Design, facebook ads, etc without hiring and technical skill

agency profits 360 By Han Fan Review

agency profits 360 By Han Fan Review

agency profits 360 By Han Fan Review

agency profits 360 By Han Fan Review


Product Funnel

Front End – Agency Profits 360 Xmas Special

OTO #1 – Agency Profits Xleads 360 Pro

Xleads 360 Pro allows you to get 300% increase in profits after starting to use this software. with this software you will get the access to o unlimited hungry clients that need your help, right now. They are willing to pay between $500 to $2000 per month (month after month) for services that you can easily outsource and keep 90% profits. What you need to do is only to find more clients to get more money. Not only have the chance to get more profit with this software, you will also get 3 step system that you can use to find and close hundreds of small business owners for $500-$2500 each per month. With this system and software you can easily replicate all the success, even if you have no experience. Now, you will be no longer worrying about income, needing a job or wondering if you can take a day off or not. With this system, you will have access to unlimited hungry clients that desperately need your help and most of them are right in your back yard. They are starving for the services you can provide and the beauty is you don’t have to do any of the work yourself if you don’t want to.  If you’d like, invest just 10% of what you make to smart virtual assistants that can easily handle the tasks so you keep 90% of what you earn as profit. With Xleads 360 Pro   you will be able to get the incredible module o help you get more money.

Xleads 360 Pro  Modules :

Dasboard Module 1

You can see the total number of leads and campaigns so you don’t have to always search again. Everything is saved inside the software so you can always re-access your stored campaigns. You will also see stats on the emails you sent and how many people actually open your emails to see how effective your campaigns are.

Search Leads Module 2

This is the place where you can search for local businesses around the world (even your own backyard). It works in every city and country and you can search for any niche such as restaurants, tattoo artists, barbershops and hundreds more. You can also choose to search for online businesses that don’t have a physical address. You will know the secret strategy that will work on any niche.

Advanced SEO Report  Module 3

This software is also integrated an SEO Report modules that makes it even easier to get clients because for every lead you find, you can quickly generate a SEO audit report to show the client what they’re lacking and how they can have that easily fixed by using you.

Send Email Templates Module 4

You have the ability to prospect for clients via email. This makes prospecting fast, easy and efficient because 80% of these small businesses use email on a regular day to day basis. That means no cold calling, no wasting time, effort and energy on other forms of marketing that require you spend money on ads. There will be more categories and email templates that are optimized and proven to work. You can use any swipe to boost your profit.

Campaigns Module 5

You will have access to easy prospect management tools to help you turn leads into clients. You can add as many campaigns as you’d like, and manage them all, easily. Prospect management to quickly and easily manage your progress. Less time wasted and more time making money.

The Features inside Xleads 360 Pro :

Generate SEO PDF Report

With the PRO version of Xleads 360 Pro you can now generate a complex PDF Report with more than 23 pages. You can send an email with their website PDF Report so they can see exactly what are their problems and how you can help them by providing internet marketing services.

Mass Mailing To Multiple Leads

This will save you hours, or even days. Now you can send Mass Emails to multiple leads. This means that you don’t have to send separate emails for each prospect. You can now simply select as many prospects as you want and send more emails at the same time.

Exclusive & Must Have SEO Tools

You will get instant access to must-have SEO Tools that can help you to get important stats that can help you to close a deal  much faster. More than 50+ Tools. Every tool is done for you, with the video training you need.

Google Reviews – Reputation Management

Many Online Businesses have problems when it comes to their reputation. Clients always find reasons to drop negative reviews and testimonials. Also, many businesses don’t have a Google Page to promote their business.

Exclusive Feature

You will get the exclusive feature gives you the possibility to send messages directly to their facebook page, in an automated way. You will get a special feature that can’t be found anywhere else. You will now be able to send Facebook Message directly from Xleads360 PRO without having to manually search for their Facebook Page. This solves a big headache, because nobody likes to open dozens of browser tabs to search for each Page on Facebook and send separate messages but you can.

Facebook Message Swipes

You will get 2 messages for 10 different niches like social media, SEO optimization, website creation, logo creation, video creation. This helps you to target the exact problem that your future prospects have. No need to waste hours to create messages

Instant Access to More Than 50+ SEO Tools 

You will get instant access to must-have SEO Tools that can help you to get important stats that can help you to close a deal  much faster.

What people said about Xleads 360 Pro  :

Once again, Han Fan has come up with a great piece of software. We know our lifeblood is traffic and leads and Xleads Pro will get you that and more.Once the traffic starts coming in, the next most important factor is tracking it to see where it is coming from, and how to optimize your targeting. Xleads Pro does all that for you. The training is easy to follow. Setting up campaigns and organization is very important but with this software, it does most of the work for you. You are able to get all the information that is pertinent so you don’t waste time on leads that are not optimal. Another attribute is the ability to generate an SEO report on the possible client’s website which will give you selling points to convince the client they could use your services, a great foot in the door. Morris Murph

I never liked dealing too much with local businesses/offline work ’cause I hate cold calling or even going door to door. HOWEVER, this new product makes it SO easy to follow the training laid out, that you’ll enjoy making massive ‘RECURRING’ Income via this route again. I am seriously thinking to take on some local clients from untapped niches, as with THIS they WILL convert. You should definitely try Xleads 360 Pro today. Cham Altatis

OTO #2 – AgencyProfits360 – VideoX360 Pro Upgrade

VideoX360 Pro is a great software to build an extra ​5​ ​figure/month​ ​income stream without having to create videos or spend thousands of dollars. You usually have to pay $40 for a single video, But today for only 27$ you can add the local business pack that includes over 50 videos and over 20 actor videos that can be used directly with AgencyProfits360. Creating​ ​these​ ​templates​ ​manually​ ​takes​ ​a​ ​LOT​ ​of​ ​time,​ ​effort​ ​and​ ​energy. But​ ​it​ ​is​ ​well​ ​worth​ ​it and you will also get the​ ​details​ ​on​ ​how​ ​to​ ​create​ ​your​ ​own​ ​templates​ ​inside​ ​the members​ ​area​ ​if​ ​that’s​ ​what​ ​you’d​ ​like​ ​to​ ​do,​ ​but if​ ​you​ ​don’t​ ​want​ ​to​ ​spend​ ​hours​ ​and​ ​hours​ ​creating​ ​your​ ​own templates. No matter what your needs are, this ever-growing collection of video templates offers you a way to improve conversions, make sales and generate leads. You can use this super fast and incredibly easy to use video editor to customize your pages easily. Everything is ready to go and you just need to import the template, and you will be able to sell videos right now. All the template is ready to use and it is a proven template that will work for you to make more money as an internet marketer.

VideoX360 Pro Exclusive Features :

  • Template Library

You instantly get access to your great looking video templates to grow your business or for re-sell to others. Instant professional high definition video templates with an easy to use video editor.

  • High Quality Videos

This software uses the state of the art video production technologies and software to create our templates, so you get the very best. The service allows you to easily preview our templates online. So you know what you are getting. No surprises here.

  • Easy To Use Video Editor

Don’t forget that we also added a powerful video editor that will help you to edit any of the videos we give you.

Follow the easy steps below to get started :

–Step 1 : sign up

The first step that you need to do is to sign up. Your video membership account will be automatically set up and ready to go after you sign up. No more waiting, no more complicated set up.

–Step 2 : Browse the template

The next step that you can do is to pick and download the templates from the library of the video templates in this software that you can use in any niche.

–Step 3 : Customize and publish It

The last step you need to do is to customize the templates. You can edit the templates using the video editor. Then if you finished, you can easily publish the video for the commercial or you can re-sell it to get more profit.

OTO #3 – Agency Profits 360 – Xranker360 Pro

Xranker360 Pro will help you to easily rank your clients and get results in 48 hours or less. Make any ranking is never been easier except you use this software. Now, you are able to create unlimited video marketing campaign without needing ay hassle. Xranker360 Pro is the first and the only one video marketing web app that will give you a guarantee for getting the rank on page 1 in Google. And you don’t need to have any required skill like technical skill. All you need to do is really easy and simple because you only need to do 4 simple steps. Xranker360 Pro has the most powerful keyword suggestion so you can easily find the profitable one. All you have to do is only to input any seed keyword and this software will serve up hundreds of keywords to you on silver platter. This software is built in keyword engine and it will provide you with keywords ha have been proven o converts your visitors into buyers.

This what you can do with XRanker360 Pro:

  • Perform an unlimited amount of keyword searches
  • Get an unlimited amount of keyword suggestions
  • Use on an unlimited amount of personal campaigns
  • Use on an unlimited amount of client campaigns
  • Track an unlimited amount of campaigns

XRanker360 Pro step by step :

=Step 1 ; The first step you can do is to let XRanker 360 Pro to find any profitable and high converting keywords. You can do it with just one click.

=Step 2 ; The second step you need to so is to quickly and easily create your Youtube live stream event inside of the X-Ranker 360 in just a few clicks.

=Step 3 ; The next step you can do is to load up your video into the live stream event and once you know for certain that you keywords are rank-able.

=Step 4 ; The last step you can do is to syndicate your video to all the top social media sharing and also social media bookmarks sites for even more competitor crushing rankings.

What people said about Agency Profits 360 :

Just when I thought that Han had outdid himself with his last product which I still use to this day… here they come again with another that is at the forefront of the current marketing industry.  This is awesome for any and every type of list: Email marketers, social media marketers, designers, SEO marketers, MMO because they simply convert your internet marketing skills into your own local agency. The internal builders are beautiful and precisely what you need for a custom agency for you and your customers. This is not just a business in the box… it comes to you ready for you to hit the ground with your feet running. When we say COMPLETE… that is what we mean! John Ramos – Digital Gold Branding

Hey 360 Team, These are exactly what I was looking for, so timing couldn’t be better to get local sites dressed up for 2018! Plus, when I saw you developed on the popular and user friendly Divi theme – that was just the icing on the cake! An excellent choice for the “non-techy” type and your support has been invaluable. ANY Local Marketer should be thrilled to access and use these professionally designed “done for you” websites. Kathe Lucas aka “Wacky Gal”

Summary :

With Agency Profit 360, you can outsource everything and still keep most of the profit. Yes, you heard it right. This system is made to be so easy that you can outsource everything. You don’t need to be an expert because everything will be taught to you in every step and all the sources around the world that will make your life easier. The work you will provide, is all outsourced with Agency Profit 360. Not only that, you will also get the cheat sheet for outsourcing all these services on the cheap so that you will be able to keep most of the profit for yourself without having to do any of the manual labor. There’s a large range of local businesses that need all kind of different services. From restaurants to barber shops, one might need a logo redesign, while the other might want Facebook Ad Services. The requests are different, but you will learn to outsource everything and still keep 90% of the profit. Basically, you can outsource anything they need with Agency Profit 360 because this is a simple to follow method. Even if you are just starting out. What would it be like to go from no business or struggling business to superstar successful business without having to make all the mistakes most people make. For a short period you can Join AgencyProfits360 for a fraction of the full price. And to make this a complete risk free decision for you, you will get 30 days money back guarantee.

Check out here : Agency Profits 360 By Han Fan – This is the best way to get more money by helping local business grow their business, now it’s easy for you become IM agency that can do web designer, video marketing creator, SEO, Logo Design, facebook ads, etc without hiring and technical skill

Product Funnel
Front End – Agency Profits 360 Xmas Special
OTO #1 – Agency Profits Xleads 360 Pro
OTO #2 – AgencyProfits360 – VideoX360 Pro Upgrade
OTO #3 – Agency Profits 360 – Xranker360 Pro

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Azonity WP Theme Review – Instantly Build Profitable eCom Affiliate Store Websites In Less Than 5 Minutes

Azonity WP Theme Review : Instantly Build Profitable eCom Affiliate Store Websites In Less Than 5 Minutes

Azonity WP Theme gives you the ability to build your own amazon affiliate ecom store in less than 5 minutes with no design and coding skill. You will be able to create a mobile friendly design that will allow you to have many more customers. This WP theme is also built-in review rating system so you don’t need to worry about the rating because you will get the best rating with this theme. you will also get the unlimited color scheme that will allow you to have many more colorful design. now, it’s time to say goodbye to the ugly, boring, and mediocre store design. You will get all the great features inside this WP theme. You can easily import any amazon product and post it in only one click. Being an affiliate marketers means that you need great websites to convert visitors into customers because most people judge a book by its cover, so you need to have a stunning and awesome design to get more customers. If your website suck and doesn’t look good, many people will go away from it and your conversion goes down. However not only design that matters, but your website speed too. That’s why Azonity WP Theme gives you both beautiful theme and speed-optimized design. Azonity is  the perfect amazon theme you will ever need to make successful ecom affiliate websites. Azonity features an intuitive admin panel with plenty of options that allow you to take full control of your site. Azonity is built by marketers, for marketers too. When you purchase any of the themes, you get a full support and superior customer support, customers and you can purchase with confidence knowing that the customers support will always be here to answer any questions in a professional and timely manner. By having this Azonity you will also get the developer license. All he beautiful and stunning WP theme is coming with the developer license for you. With Developer License, you can install this Theme both on your own sites, and your client’s sites. You can create unlimited sites for you and your clients and you are also able to sell the theme. With Azonity WP Theme you will get as many profit as you want. You can easily charge at least $500.00 – $2,000.00 per website you create using Azonity theme to your clients. With just one client, you get 10 times of your investment. With only 5 minutes to set up you can make a quick buck flipping your niche blogs created using Azonity WP Theme. Or you can maintain your affiliate site to earn commissions from Amazon.

Azonity WP Theme will help you as an affiliate marketers, bloggers and online marketers to easily build your own profitable e-com store within minutes. This WP theme will also help you to turn your regular wordpress blog into an ecom store with attractive design and it is built-in amazon monetization module. So, you can easily get more profit from Amazon and you can easily sell any Amazon product that you want. You are able to get many more commission from Amazon because you will get the chance o eran commission   All the design is really stand out and it also has a fully responsive layout. You will get the stunning design to make your own store and you are able to get as many products as you want. You can easily publish more than 100 products in just a few clicks in your mouse. This Azonity WP Theme is also optimized with the SEO so you don’t need to make any content writer with a complicated SEO or even hiring an expensive content writer. This is an all in one wp theme that will help you to boost your traffic easily. You also don’t need to have any experience or skill because this is really easy to use and you only need to do one set up. With Azonity you are able to grab your piece of the $327 billion dollar ecommerce pie & start your very own successful affiliate store today. Online retail sales has been and is projected to continue growing at a rapid pace. If you are an affiliate marketer, you should be taking advantage of this market, because many marketers are and they make thousands of dollars in commissions promoting Amazon products. And here’s the really cool thing, It is now possible for you to quickly create your own Ecommerce affiliate stores to build you an asset that continues to get you sales and commissions from the retailer giant, Amazon. With Azonity WP Theme you can stop paying $2,148/year of using shopify.

Get here : Azonity WP Theme Special Xmas Save $20 OFF Use Coupon – Instantly Build Profitable eCom Affiliate Store Websites In Less Than 5 Minutes

Azonity WP Theme Azonity WP Theme Review Azonity WP Theme Discount Azonity Special Christmas

The features inside Azonity WP Theme :

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Built-in Amazon products importer
  • Publish 100+ products in just a few clicks
  • Earn commissions from 9 Amazon affiliate programs (US, CA, UK, DE, and more!)
  • SEO optimized & fast loading
  • Publish unlimited products
  • Super easy installation & set up
  • Lifetime updates + unlimited site license ONLY available during this 5-days special offer

What you will get inside this Azonity WP Theme :

  • Built-in Amazon Product Importer : This unique feature of Azonity theme allows you to quickly post hundreds of Amazon products to your website with images, product description, price, etc. You will no need to purchase or use third party plugin.
  • Earn Commissions From 9 Amazon Affiliate Programs : You can quickly monetize your wordpress blog with 9 Amazon affiliate program (,,,,,,, and
  • 100% Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Design : Your affiliate website will look great no matter if visitors open it using their desktop, Mac, tablets or smartphone.
  • Unlimited Color Schemes : You can easily customize and design your ecom sites according to your style with no coding required. You can make it as attractive and as beautiful as you want to get more customers.
  • SEO Ready & Schema Integrated : Your affiliate website will look great no matter if visitors open it using their desktop, Mac, tablets or smartphone.
  • Super Easy Installation & Fast Setup : You can have your eCom affiliate store running in less than 5 minutes from now.


Azonity WP Theme exclusive bonuses :

Bonus 1 : WP Zen Ads

You are able to get this Zen Ads and this is a new brand of WP theme. it will help you to easily monetize any post of your content and make more sales and get more profit.

Bonus 2 : WP Site Inspector

This plugin will scans any installed theme and also plugin in your site. If it finds some error code, the plugin will alert and display I to you so you can remove it easily.

Get here : Azonity WP Theme Special Xmas Save $20 OFF Use Coupon – Instantly Build Profitable eCom Affiliate Store Websites In Less Than 5 Minutes

Azonity WP Theme Features Azonity WP Theme Proof Azonity WP Theme Bonus Azonity WP Theme Upgrade

Azonity WP Theme Funnel

Front End – Azonity WP Theme Special Xmas

OTO 1 – Azonity Pro Developer License

With Azonity Developer license you will able to get 10 times more sales, commissions and income from your ecom affiliate sites with these 3 Azonity pro add-ons. Amazon shoppers are not “bargain shoppers” because they spend a lot of money on Amazon for the convenience and because of the trust they have in Amazon. They don’t care as much about getting the best price as they care about getting it quickly right to their door with no fear of how customer service will go or what will happen if they’re not 100% happy with their purchase. That means major earnings potential for the affiliates who take the time and effort to be found online and help their readers find what they are looking for. And for many times, helping them find things they didn’t even know they wanted. So, with these 3 extra premium tools, you will have 3 extra reasons to get visitors to AliExpress or Amazon site using your affiliate link. Only with the pro version you can upgrade your ecom affiliate site into a complete, profitable money site

You see, Amazon knows exactly what they are doing to convert their site visitors to sales.

The features inside Azonity Pro Developer License:

Azonity AliExpress Tools

  • Monetize Your WP Site With AliExpress Affiliate Program
  • Display AliExpress Products On Your Site In 60 Seconds
  • AliExpress Offers Up To 50% Commissions Per Item You Sell
  • Developer License Is Included

Azonity DailyDeal Tools

  • Monetize Your WP Site With Amazon DailyDeal
  • Automatically Display The Latest Daily Deal From Amazon
  • Great, Enticing & High Converting Product Box Design
  • Developer License Is Included

Azonity BestSeller Tools

  • Display Amazon BestSeller On Your Site In 60 Seconds
  • Compatible With 10+ Amazon Program (US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CN, IN, JP)
  • Caching System To Reduce Your Site Loading Speed
  • Developer License Is Included

The exclusive bonuses :

BONUS : TurboZon Builder Software

TurboZonBuilder is a software that allows you to create Amazon affiliate pages promoting Amazon books with just a few clicks. It works on your wordpress sites + non WP sites too.

BONUS : Turbo Niche Template

Turbo Niche template is a page builder software which allows you to create and sell templates for any niches in just few clicks. The software comes with 7 DFY templates that you can edit & customize for any niche you want to tap into.

OTO 2 – Azonity DFY Niche Packs Upgrade

Azonity DFY Niche Packs will allow you to get easier with just copy and paste these 220+ profitable products in 15 hot ecom niches and you are about ready to profit. With this Azonity DFY niche packs, you don’t need to take a long time to get profit. Because this only takes less than 30 seconds to have your affiliate sites filled with dozens of profitable products. Just click and copy and paste. Not only that because you will get 15 DFY niche pack – you can either use it to build an affiliate website for each niche, or compile them and combines several niches into one website. Either way, you won’t have to wait for days to have your own ecom affiliate sites up and running to make some profit. You are able to  collect the commissions for yourself, or flip the sites for quick profit. You are able to easily build the sites and run it to collect Amazon commissions for yourself. Or build the sites and sell or even flip it to clients or buyers for easy profit. You make profit either way. All you need to have to increase your profit is in this Azonity DFY packs.

This is what you will get from Azonity DFY Niche Packs

  • Personally researched 15 amazon profitable niche pack done for you

With this pack you will find out how to find the right niches and the right products. Its hard work but you do not have to do it anymore because we have done it for you. You can just sit back and relax while getting profit from amazon

  • Get 15 profitable products in each niche pack

You will know how to find profitable, easy to rank amazon products. Its a skill that takes some time to develop and now you can take advantage of our hard work and experience. This is created to make everything easy for you.

  • Just copy paste & build your amazon site in seconds

You can create unlimited sites using the niches, all you have to do is just copy paste the product asins and you are good to go. Your site will be created in seconds once you enter these products, no more digging, waiting and researching, ever because it only takes less than 30 seconds to have your affiliate sites filled with dozens of profitable products. Just click and copy and paste.


OTO 3 – Azonity Pro Authorized Reseller

Azonity Pro Authorized Reseller will give you a reseller license to Azonity Wp Theme and also all the OTO and upsells. It means that you will keep 100% of the price of this amazing theme as well as  all the upgrade offers when you make a sale through our website. You don’t have to do anything, just collect your 100% profit and find a way to spend it.​ This is amazing for you if you do not have a product you sell online because this is something that every online marketer wants for their business. Everyone wants more commissions and sales so they want to create sites fast and easy and there is a huge market for you to profit with this reseller pack. You will get more chance to get money because as an authorized reseller, you get to make 100% commissions on every purchases made through your reseller link – including all the OTO or upgrade.

This is what you will get :

  • Amazing Marketing Pages
  • High Converting Sales Videos
  • Our Sales Copy to make all your sales
  • Make even MORE Money when they buy upgrades
  • Earn 100% Commissions on Azonity Theme and all the upgrade sales
  • Make up to $208 per customer easily

Azonity come with special discount, it is super duper turbo easy to use and is waiting for you to start using it right now. Azonity is wordpress theme. It has a built-in Amazon product importer feature so you don’t need additional 3rd party plugin to fetch and also import Amazon products to your site. After making a purchase, you will be emailed your username and the password then you can login to your account dashboard at the link given to you to access the theme file, user guide and all the bonuses. You will also get a lifetime updates without needing to pay extra cost. That is all free for you and you will also get more chance to get your profit. And for Sure you can use it for your clients with the developer License is included in this offer so feel free to use it on unlimited domains you own, use it on websites you create for your clients and for your site flipping projects. Now, it’s your time to get more and more profit and commission as an affiliate and get much money. Not only the best features inside, you will also be covered with the money back guarantee. If at any reason you are not satisfied you can ask for refund. NOW you can get special price on Xmas, save $20 OFF using coupon “XMAS20”.. so what are you waiting for? Get Azonity WP Theme With Special Price using coupon from me right now…

Get here : Azonity WP Theme Special Xmas Save $20 OFF Use Coupon – Instantly Build Profitable eCom Affiliate Store Websites In Less Than 5 Minutes

Azonity Premium OTO
Front End – Azonity WP Theme Xmas
OTO #1 – Azonity PRO Developer License
OTO #2 – Azonity DFY Niche Pack
OTO #3 – Azonity PRO Authorized Reseller

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ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo is the best software for you to get your affiliate commission easily and it is completed with done-for-you high converting affiliate stores in 60 seconds flat. With ShopMozo you are able to create multiple passive income streams because you will get stunning premium design. This ShopMozo is built in viral Facebook traffic so you can easily get more profit for your business. ShopMozo is 100% autopilot product publishing with your affiliate link and it also SEO optimized and mobile responsive. You will also get DFY curated YouTube video reviews.  You can use this stupid-simple review affiliate stores that link to amazon affiliates products and its all curated for you, 100% on autopilot. You can be easy to build your own affiliate store without needing a tedious work. You just need to integrate your Affiliate ID and enter a Keyword related to your niche and wait a few second, your affiliate store will be built. So, you don’t have to worry on manufacturing products either. You don’t even need to write such a product review anymore or even record a video review. This powerful ShopMozo software does all the hard work for you. It curates video reviews form YouTube and gets your product reviews on 100% automation. Since all the hard work will be handled in autopilot system, you will also get traffic pretty easily. ShopMozo software uses the engaging power of Videos, Facebook, social signals and it also spreads your content on tons of RSS sites that take you higher up in the Google rankings in organic way, means floods of free traffic without spending a penny on paid advertisement. That means, you are now combining the 3 biggest niches online into one seamless solution that does it all for you, 100% on autopilot. It is really great for you as a newbie to have this incredible software that will handle all the hard work for you. You will literally do nothing except get your profit. With ShopMozo, literally you have the most powerful system on earth at your fingertips, allowing you to instantly create authority affiliate stores full of high-converting and profitable videos that Google loves, and high-selling products that make you fat commissions and sales hands free.

ShopMozo will help you to instantly get your own fully automated affiliate marketing system that gets you free viral traffic, more leads and more sales without ever having to waste your time and money on setting up your store, buying expensive designs or paying for content. With ShopMozo you can get started with only 3 simple steps. The first step is to only insert your affiliate ID into his software. Then you can easily click a button that automatically builds you an affiliate site. The last thing you need to do is only to enjoy your autopilot curated products, viral Facebook traffic and free review videos that get you first rankings, even more traffic and money. With this intelligent technology, you don’t need to set up Word Press and wait hours for getting it installed. Neither do you have to pay through your nose for getting a professional theme. You also don’t have to scratch your head and invest hours on content and video creation. Creating an affiliate store is so damn simple that even newbies’ can try their hands on this stupid simple software without any technical hassles. ShopMozo uses the secret proprietary technology to drive thousands of visitors to your store using the power of Facebook viral traffic and it’s all done on autopilot. It is even better, because it automatically curates YouTube video reviews and adds them next to your store products. The fact is that if you use videos Google ranks you higher and your conversions increase by 80%. So, by having ShopMozo you can enjoy simple affiliate income you don’t have to worry about. It’s all fully automated, with more traffic, better rankings and improved conversions over anything else you have ever seen before. Plus this is not a cheap WP plugin because it’s a fully-fledged cloud-based app that even a complete newbie can use that builds you affiliate stores in any niche you want.

Check here : ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo ShopMozo Steps ShopMozo ReviewShopMozo oto
Front End – ShopMozo Unlimite Store
OTO #1 – ShopMozo Pro Upgrade Version
OTO #2 – ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade
OTO #3 – ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade
OTO #4 – ShopMozo Premium Membership Upgrade


ShopMozo Features and benefit :

  • Stunning Design That Converts

ShopMozo comes with inbuilt 5 different color themes to choose from. It is built from ground up to be marketer-friendly, meaning our stores that you can build with just one click are tweaked to perfection to give you more of everything: traffic, leads and sales.

  • Most Advanced Automation Technology on Earth

With ShopMozo, all you need is add your affiliate ID and keywords. This premium software will build and populate your site with hundreds of affiliate products you make money on.

  • SEO built-in. Let the traffic come

ShopMozo has been designed from the ground up with the best SEO practices in mind. So, the platform is 100% SEO friendly guaranteed to get you high rankings in Google.

  • Facebook Viral Traffic Done for You

ShopMozo automatically does all your social media work using the secret formula that guarantees thousands of visitors hit your store in minutes.

  • Video Curation Taken to The Next Level

Build straight into this cloud based app, you can now harness hundreds of relevant video reviews for your product. These videos raise your conversions by 80% and google rewards you with #1 rankings and even more traffic.

  • Self-Updating Artificial Intelligence

With the incredible A.I. feature, everything is running on autopilot. Every day ShopMozo will add more products, curate more videos and drive more Facebook traffic. Which means your stores make you more money and your business is expanding every day without you having to do any of the work. It checks every hour and also automatically updates the product price like a magic when Amazon do change anything on their store.

  • 100% Mobile Friendly

And with 35% of online sales coming from mobile and you have hit the jackpot with shopmozo. it’s fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Today, more than half of users are on mobile and if you are not targeting them, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. This software is using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to make the system 100% mobile responsive and ultra light which allows you to cash in millions from mobile users.

  • Built-In Slider to Make Your Store Even More beautiful

Everybody loves dynamic stores that change. This new built-in slider interacts with your users and provides them with multiple products they can buy, thus improving user engagement and conversions at the same time.

  • Product Management – Products, Category and Tags

Everything is built in simplicity. It means that editing a product, adding a category or implementing tags is a breeze. This way you can set everything up in minutes and make the entire experience fulfilling for your buyers without wasting a lot of time.

  • Get More Social Sharing for Even More Targeted Viral Traffic

This software is builtwith  social sharing buttons right into each product page. So, while ShopMozo does your viral traffic for you automatically, your visitors and users also can share your products, thus creating a snowball effect and transforming your simple ShopMozo store into a true viral beast.

  • Fast and Very Easy

You are always 1 click away from adding or managing a full website. With the sleek and beautiful interface has a deep focus on providing a great user experience for both you and your visitors. That means easy campaign adding and editing that even grandma can use.

  • Brand new system- Absolutely No rehashes

So, ShopMozo is packed with great features and it’s the ultimate videos and content curation technology that’s never been seen before.

  • Step by Step Training

And while ShopMozo is deadly easy to use, we wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone and everyone can make money with it. You will get in-depth video training for every feature, so you can always look at the right way to do things.

  • Customer Team

You will get 24/7 on-going premium support so you’re always just a message away from having your problem solved.

Check here : ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo Upsell

Front End – ShopMozo Unlimited Store

OTO #1 : ShopMozo Pro Upgrade

ShopMozo Pro Upgrade will make you a pro marketer and get 300% increase in your profits by automating product curation from AliExpress and eBay and also allow you to create even more beautiful and converting affiliate stores by unlocking never seen before features of the Pro edition. By having this ShopMozo Pro Upgrade, you will get the power to multiply the benefits from your purchase so you can take your commissions and traffic to the next level without spending any extra time or money. You will get many more incredible features that will help you to make more money. Along with 5 themes you got with ShopMozo, you will get 10 more templates so total 15 themes to make you a stunning, unique design and beautiful store. This new and upgraded version is already design with many high converting themes from the ground up to make you more money. You now can easily build entirely different sites with this 1 click template chooser included with this version. These have been tested and proven to convert this means your traffic gets to a much more relevant, targeted website which allows you to more easily convert them into leads or buyers. And so, you can build professional sites, improve commissions hands free. You have already seen the immense power of curating top-notch products from Amazon. To intensify your benefits, now you can easily and automatically curate unlimited product, images and content from Ecommerce giants from eBay and Ali Express. By having this new version of ShopMozo you will get the ultimate power to automate the complete process to have an endless supply of fresh, high-in-demand products every day.

ShopMozo Pro Upgrade features :

  • Auto-scheduler curates high converting products from eBay and AliExpress

You are able to tap into 3 different markets and get commissions from 3 different sources, and effectively triple the money that you take home.  That’s right, you pick a keyword and the frequency with which you want ShopMozo to add products, and it’s all done for you.

  • Set product automation rules for eBay and Ali Express

Just set the automation rules once, and forget it forever. ShopMozo Pro curates them day and night for you on 100% autopilot. Even better for you, ShopMozo Pro takes care of all the work. It will curate products from 3 high converting sources, it will always keep up-to-date sites, you will also get improved for traffic and rankings.

  • Find high potential Facebook groups and pages with the Traffic Finder

Facebook is filled with oceans of traffic. But, how to tap into that traffic remains an unsolved mystery for countless marketers. Now, you can breathe easy as with this unique innovative feature, you can easily search Facebook pages and groups that have the maximum potential, and drive hordes of traffic for your offers. Ultimately, you can share your products on multiple Facebook groups to boost viral traffic.

  • Make stores more attractive by adding images from media library

Eye-catchy images are the best way to attract attention of audience and get them hooked to your affiliate stores. ShopMozo Pro gives you the power to upload attractive images from library and grab their attention by the neck to boost sales and commissions like you always wanted.

  • Display stunning banner ads to increase sales and profits

You’re getting access to displaying banner ads all over your site, allowing you to monetize it in an innovative brand-new way. So now you’re not just earning affiliate commissions from selling ecom products, you can start making money from AdSense ads, Clickbank offers or even your own products. For putting banner ads, just insert the URL of the place where you want your customer to get redirected, and you’re all set to rock. Ultimately, you can diversify your income streams, sell your own products to easily skyrocket your online revenue.

  • all these benefits is at an un-paralleled price

Now, for getting all these benefits, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a month. Ultimately you are saving thousands of dollars monthly with us, and every dollar that you save, adds to your profits.


OTO #2 : ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade

ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade is your solution to double the conversions and 5 times the viral traffic to ultimately make 10 times more sales and commissions hands down. If you grab this ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade you will be able to get more profit. With the SEO feature that’s built into ShopMozo, you will get automated viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That’s exactly what ShopMozo Enterprise brings you – in fact beta users have reported getting high-quality viral traffic and making their first sales within 24 hours of using it. Now that’s something you can’t afford to miss out on. ShopMozo Enterprise automatically posts about your products and also the special offers on Twitter and Instagram too along with Facebook every day. This way with new products being added on autopilot and sharing done-for-you without you lifting a finger, you now have a self-updating store that grows every day with brand new high converting viral traffic and without you having to do anything. You will get a chart report everyday with this ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade. These will give you complete insight for your visitors and campaigns, this feature alone is worth more than what you going to invest on this entire enterprise edition upgrade. And this is just start of the story, Enterprise edition is a Premium version and has a lot more features in store for you.

ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade Features :

  • Advanced Reports

You can use the power of advanced reports to boost your profits with virtually. Imagine you are promoting something and getting only 4-5% click on your promo link but you don’t know why? You just changed placements of your bestselling offers or start adding more products in bestseller category and now getting 10X engagement means 10 times clicks and 10 times commissions? So 1 second tweak is making you 10 times more money. This is the power of statistics. The complete stats will give you all the meaningful information you need to make killer and proven converting campaigns to sell smartly.

  • Automatically Curate Amazon Reviews

Enterprise edition also pulls in Amazon Reviews for your products so your visitors can read them and trust buying the product more than ever before and it will be effectively increasing conversions too on the already red-hot viral traffic you will get for free. You can improve your conversion, easily turn any traffic into sales.

  • Automatically add related tweets to the products curated

With ShopMozo Enterprise, related tweets by your potential customers are added on product details page on autopilot which create even more trust in your product review and you get more conversions. It also makes your content unique so further boost in product page search engine rankings to get you more free traffic.

  • Make more Money using Google AdSense

With this amazing add on, you can attract more and more customers by inserting Google AdSense on your affiliate stores. All you need to do is copy and paste the code and monetize your sites to boost sales and profits with just 1 click.

  • Share control of your dashboard to up to 5 team members

You can add up-to 5 team members to manage your stores according to their roles and what action they can perform in dashboard. You can also create team and assign roles and permissions to them. All you need to do is click on the add new user tab and fill all the information including the name of the person, their email address and assign them specific roles and give privileges that you want to give to that person.


OTO #3 : ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade

ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade will allow you to sell this ShopMozo to anyone else and you can get profit 100%. It’s extremely simple and easy. This means you don’t need to invest your time and money in any grunt work. All you need to do is use everything has been provided, and you just need to sit back and see your profits growing. A dedicated help-desk available to handle support, product delivery and training to make it hassle free for you. You don’t even need to lift a finger. You will start getting 100% commissions after the 7 day launch period gets over. Along with this, you will be delighted to know that, we’re also giving 50% commissions over the entire funnel as a complementary gesture. So, you can make up for your investment only by having one sale itself. Ecommerce is hot these days, marketers whether newbie or an experienced, can grab their slice of this billion-dollar pie by creating an affiliate store that satisfy needs of hungry customers. And, ShopMozo removes all the hassles and automates product curation with 3 biggest e-commerce giants -Amazon, e-Bay and AliExpress. So, it’s a big solution for marketers. With ShopMozo, you could give your customers a feature-packed software that enables them to create their own well-designed profit yielding affiliate stores in 60 seconds flat. They will bite your hands to get ShopMozo from you for any amount and you keep 100% profits in your pocket with this, once in a lifetime opportunity.

ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade benefit :

  • No profit sharing

You will be authorized to sell ShopMozo to anyone you want on our website and the whole profit will be only yours.

  • No Investing

Today you start selling your own, winning software to make money like gurus do. And even better thing is, you can do it all without an initial investment of $5000-10,000 in building it. All will be covered just for you.

  • Nothing to upload, host or configure

You don’t need to do any work. And also you won’t even need a website. Yeah, you don’t need to bother for doing even a single thing yourself.


OTO #4 : ShopMozo Premium Upgrade

ShopMozo Premium Upgrade gives you the one-time opportunity to become a top-notch marketer with features you won’t get anywhere else. This is ShopMozo Premium Membership with Agency License. Inside this ShopMozo Premium Upgrade you will get 5 brand new eye- catchy and also premium themes delivered every month. These themes are the latest in the market and based on what’s working great these days in the industry. These premium themes will add laurels to your purchase and help you to boost conversions, leads and sales hands down. You will also be able to get the agency license to create Affiliate stores for clients or flipping. Today, thousands of businesses need high-class marketing services, but don’t know where to get them from. Or even if they know, they are charged huge money that’s completely beyond their reach. Now, you too can establish yourself as an authority in the market by creating affiliate stores and providing highly-in-demand marketing services to your clients. You can even make huge money as agency license gives you the power to provide Affiliate Store Building services and sell your affiliate stores for huge profits. This is really an amazing opportunity by which you can charge $97 per client per month. By having just ten clients a month, you will easily make an extra $1000 per month. And there’s no grunt work needed as our software works round-the-clock in the background and takes care of everything. All you need to do is to sit back and see your profits grow manifold. Now, you can join with this premium membership ShopMozo Premium Upgrade and get all the benefit and you will be the pro marketer.

ShopMozo Premium Upgrade Features :

  • 5 brand new eye- catchy and premium themes delivered every month

These themes are the latest in the market and based on what’s working great these days in the industry. These premium themes will add laurels to your purchase and help you to boost conversions, leads and sales hands down. You can use them any way you like.

  • Agency license to create Affiliate stores for clients or flipping

You can even make huge money as agency license gives you the power to provide Affiliate Store Building services and sell your affiliate stores for huge profits. This is really an amazing opportunity by which you can charge $97 per client per month.

  • Add unlimited team members for yourself and client’s business management

Now, managing unlimited team members will be a cakewalk for you. You can manage your businesses effectively by assigning roles and privileges to your in-house team members accordingly. You can add as many clients as you want and their team with this premium feature.

  • Upload unlimited images to Library hosted on Fast servers and 200GB bandwidth/month

Speed and accuracy are pivotal success points for every online marketer today. with this premium upgrade, you can upload as much images as you want and everything is hosted unlimited images on fast servers which you can use again and again to make your affiliate stores more appealing and engage maximum audience.

  • Premium CDN services

Affiliate stores with slow load speed have very less conversions. But with ShopMozo, we have deployed premium CDN services to accelerate page load speed, and reduce bandwidth consumption and provide secure applications, all contributing to get faster load times and boost your commissions.

  • Premium Support

Don’t want a waiting period of 24 hours for a reply from the customer support team, it’s time to take a deep sigh of relief. With ShopMozo premium membership and agency license, along with our dedicated chat support, you also get premium Skype support so a majority of your queries can be solved by us in the shortest time possible.

  • Lifetime Updates

With the premium membership and agency License, you won’t ever have to wait for long durations and waste your money worrying for updates. This software will provide lifetime updates on automation and you won’t even have to lift a finger in the complete process.


ShopMozo is a ground breaking cloud-based software that builds instant 1-click SEO-optimized affiliate stores that gets you autopilot viral facebook traffic, products, content, videos and it will also make you sales and big commissions. ShopMozo is a cloud-based software that requires no hosting, no domain name registration and no complicated wordpress installation and customization, that takes months of times to learn and use. This is exactly a new lightweight piece of technology that’s so incredibly sophisticated yet intuitive and easy to use that allows you to do it all on autopilot, with literally one click. So if you want to build affiliate stores at the push of a button, then get viral Facebook traffic automatically and convert it into profitable sales with video reviews, all on autopilot from start to finish, then ShopMozo is made for you. Finally, you now have the ability to generate the kind of results you’ve seen in the screenshots above. You can finally create an authority store in minutes out of literally thin air with ShopMozo. Seriously, having to do all that manually is expensive, time consuming and put frankly downright irritating, especially once you want to build more than 1 store. That’s exactly the reason so many people are afraid to even get started in affiliate marketing and the same reason why out of all that do get started, very few truly make it. So, this ShopMozo is the solution, one that would be personal to every user and work in every niche, allowing you to build and monetize an authority affiliate store within minutes and add products to sell, video reviews and Facebook viral traffic all automatically. All packed in the most incredibly user-friendly interface and it’s all for a one-time fee. This is the best chance to get your copy, so what are you waiting for? Get ShopMozo pro by Dr Amit Pareek right now…

Check here : ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo oto
Front End – ShopMozo Unlimite Store
OTO #1 – ShopMozo Pro Upgrade Version
OTO #2 – ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade
OTO #3 – ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade
OTO #4 – ShopMozo Premium Membership Upgrade

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