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WpDigiPRO Premium Software – A Highly Recommended Software To Easily Sell Your Digital Products

WPDigiPro is a magical tool for the digital entrepreneur. This means can do some fast beneficial stuffs which really helps your business. The main function of this product serves you a package of every aspect in expanding your digital business without much effort. In using this software you can sell the unlimited varied products such as software, graphics, online course, eBooks, photographs, your musics & audios and many more. It is featured with the support of multiple payment gateways which can help your customer find it easy to do the payment. In addition, it gives you millions of autoresponders integration. The most important thing is that it has no coding, no complicated setup and no monthly fee. For you who is not really expert in digital business really fits to use this software. The other appealing feature is the license key feature for your WP Themes and Plugins. More advantage that you can obtain is that it is enabling for you to recurring fee for your digital products. The report is not a miss. A complete report of your product stats will also provide in this software.

This software is exceptional and so much different with other softwares you may think it is the same. The price is Included multiple payment gateways integration without extra fee and provide tons of autoresponders (add-on) integration as well.

You may think only people who have experiences and a specific business are suitable to use this software. In fact, it is not. Even every kind of occupation which involved skills also can use this breakthrough to make their skill become their income. For the instance if you are a software/web developer you can use WPDigiPro to sell your software. If you have an online course you can offer your training program. If you have a membership site you can do recurring fee to your members whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It’s at your choice. If you are running a web agency you can Use the agency license, so you can charge thousands of Dollar by creating digital product selling system to your clients. If your job is graphic designer you can sell your artistic works. If you are a photographer you can offer your photographs to people around the world. If you love music and you are a composer you can sell your music & audios. Moreover you can sell any other digital product such as eBook, Clipart, animation template etc.

Check Here: Wpdigipro Premium Software Review – A Highly Recommended Software To Easily Sell Your Digital Products

WPDigiPro Software review

WPDigiPro Software results

WPDigiPro Software results

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro feature that offers to you.

  1. Download Link Protection

Your download link is only able to be used by customer who really buys your products. Thus, your hardwork will not be in vain and you do not need to feel worry if your works will be stolen by someone.

  1. Assign Trial Periods

This optional feature allows your customer to have a trial for your products. It makes your product becoming more trusted and at the end the customer will purchase it.

  1. Adding License Key

Since you have already given your hardwork it is certain that you do not want to be stolen and cheated by wicked people. This license key is essential when you are selling a WP themes or plugins.

  1. Enable Recurring Fee

This optional feature can make recurring fee for your product too.

  1. Multiple Payment Gateways Integration

It provides several payment gateways such as PayPal Standard, PayPal API, PayPal Sandbox (both Standard and API), 2Checkout, 2Checkout Sandbox. So, your customer do not need to be confused to select the payment method.

  1. Flexible Product Buy Link

You can apply product buy link anywhere such as in button, text or on third party websites. You can set which page to call once the product has been bought.

  1. Click Tracking

Set aside your money from unnecessary things. By using this software you do not require on third party click tracking applications.

  1. Product Report & Statistic

It provides you graph reporting to see your product sales stats with date filters and product filters. Thus, you do need to hire a staff to make a report.

  1. Email Notification

Every activity in your business will be recorded and this software will let you know about it through your email. Purchase receipt, sales notification, login info, recurring billing reminder, etc. can be easily seen. You can customize the email content, and turn on or off. Even it has provided email templates enabling you to run your business in no time

  1. Custom Currency

You may want to expand your business abroad or only in local scale. The developer really understands this willingness from digital entrepreneur. That is why the feature custom currency is provided.

  1. Pixel Management

You can paste any pixel code here whether Facebook Ads conversion pixel, Adwords conversion pixel, etc.

  1. Page Protection

It can restrict specific page for e.g. the buyers of product A only. It’s customizable, you can restrict as many page you want or unlimited pages. And you can restrict a page for multiple products as well.

  1. Manual Payment Option

In some cases, customers want to pay via wire transfer, and it can enable to access your products manually.

  1. Compatible with WordPress Multisite

If you run multisite on your WordPress, then WPDigiPro works on multisite network too.

  1. Autoresponders Integration Add-On Included

It is Integrated with severals of top Autoresponders such as Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendlane, ActiveCampaign, CampaignMonitor, iContact, ConstantContact, Sendy, MailWizz, Drip, ConvertKit, MailerLite, MadMimi, Mautic. And they will also add more Autoresponder integration in the future with no additional cost.

  1. 3rd Party SMTP Integration Add-On Included

Related to delivery products it also sends automatic email notifications, so you can insert custom SMTP for sending those emails.

  1. S3 Cloud Storage Add-On Included

your customers can access the collections through your site by  putting your product files on Amazon S3. It is the flawless solution for distributing large files.

  1. Referrer Add-On Included

You will be able to see the referring sites that refer to your website inside your WP admin dashboard. It’s a good trait to let you know who mentioned your business

  1. EDD Migration Add-On Included

you can transfer all of your products digital product system using EDD into WPDigiPro. This add-on immensely saves you lot of time.

  1. Invoicing in HTML and PDF Format Add-On Included

It provides complete system for generating invoices for all customers.

  1. JVZoo Add-On Included

You get JVZoo add-on at no extra cost. Expand your market by integrating your products into JVZoo.

Check Here: Wpdigipro Premium Software Review – A Highly Recommended Software To Easily Sell Your Digital Products

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

WPDigiPro Pro Software Review

>>> Get WPDigiPro Software <<<

The question comes up next is the way to utilize it for your business, isn’t it? The developer of WPDigiPro has already considered the user who does not really comprehend the system of digital business, for newbie especially. That is why they make it so simple to use this software. First thing that you have to do is only add your products. Just for the reminder that you can add unlimited and various product here. The second step is to change the setting. In this step you are required to setup the payment gateway, autoresponder integration, email notification, etc. All of those can be done inside your WP admin dashboard. The last step is start selling. You just need to be relax because after you complete all of the setup the business will run in autopilot way.  For those benefits I would not wait for longer to take the opportunity to use the software. For the security stuff this software will not make you worry. It will assist you to manage all technical aspects in your business starts from download protection, payment gateway integration including the customization of the currency, automatic product delivery, automatic members access, automatic email notifications, etc.

If you still have doubt in your mind the developers have 100% satisfaction guarantee with WPDigiPro or they will give you your money back. An extra advantage is the bonuses. If the promo still valid you will get 5 bonuses. They are

Bonus 1: Product Creation Guru

Creating your own product may take time to master for you, it also may take time to become the authority in your niche market. The good news is that inside this guide is a report that will give you some effective ideas on how to ideally create your own product like a guru. So you can create your own digital product like an expert!

Bonus 2: The Perfect Sales Funnel

Have you ever wondered how the big online players create so much revenue and online subscribers? In this guide, you’ll learn how to make your business more successful.

Bonus 3: Product Launch Authority Gold

When you create a digital product, you are creating something that you can sell infinite time and with fewer overheads. Creating a digital product is by far one of the best ways to make money from a website, a blog – or any brand at all for that matter.

Bonus 4: Ways to Find New Affiliates

In this guide, you’ll learn the essential ways to find your new affiliates, the armies that promote your products! If you want to grow your business, you need to grow your team of affiliates to increase sales. Inside this video training, you are about to learn how to do it right that will really lessen your marketing expenses and have a great return of investment.

Bonus 5: Instant Conversion Mastery

Traffic is said to be the lifeblood of a website or an online business, but if you are not good at converting those leads into customers, then your marketing effort is not enough. Discover the exact instant conversion techniques used to turn every visitor into cash!

Secure Your Copy Today During the Special Launch Discount Before It’s Gone for Good. And You’ll Be Getting:

  • WPDigiPro Plugin
  • You Can Add Unlimited Products
  • Complete Documentation and Video Tutorials
  • SEVEN Add-On Plugins Included at NO Additional Cost
  • FIVE Trainings of Digital Product Business
  • 12 Months of UPDATES
  • Lifetime Free SUPPORT
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Members

If I were you, I would not waste my time to rethink for buying this software and grab it fast. This software made by Tantan Hilyatana and Santosh Singh enable you as newbie or experienced digital entrepreneur to expand your business and to sell your various digital products in a simple way. Moreover, you do not need to do any technical term such as making report and so on because it is already provided here. For the security aspect this software also gives you safety term which can avoid the cheater to take your products.

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>>> Get WPDigiPro Premium Software <<<

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