Swipe Empire Fb Edition By Peter Garety – The Best Option To Make Money Online Quickly In 2016 You Never Know Before You Try It – Best For Newbie And Middle Class [Get] It Now

Swipe Empire Fb Edition Review By Peter Garety – Best Ultimate File Of Hot In Demand Products That Are Selling Like Crazy

Hi meet again with me, I am here and I know you want to make money. That’s why you are here. You want to start to make at least $1000, $2000 or $5000 as soon as possible, and get above $10,000 per month quickly. Could be. And you want that to be a consistent income with relatively little work on your part. You also want to be confident that the actions you take today will lead to profits like you see soon. And today, here I will reveal to you the exact method that not only you can use to build a 5-figure business per month fast. But also, it will allow you to get PAID UPFRONT (more about this in a minute). Check it out. I give you some review, and please read until end, cause there are something that you must know…

Swipe Empire FB Edition BY Peter Garety is a PDF that provides swipes for 50 high converting psychical products that are selling externally well via Facebook ads. Your are going to receive : Swipe files of 50 HOT “in-demand’ products that are proven to sell on Facebook. Swipe file of 50 Facebook pages and respective stores that are selling those ‘in-demand’ products for massive profits. Swipe file of the exact ad copy (text and image) for each of the products. The main reason why so many people fail to make any kind of money is because they pick a wrong business model. They usually choose something that’s complex and requires a lot of learning. What you need instead is something that’s easy to setup, that doesn’t require upfront investment and that is paying right away. And that’s exactly what you will get with the Swipe Empire FB Edition! It will eliminate the guesswork and will give you fast results. Every single product in the Swipe Empire FB Edition is hand-picked from the collection that Peter Garety have spent 12 months of researching, spying and testing. And each one of them can be turned to thousands of dollars within a few days.

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Swipe Empire Fb Edition By Peter Garety – The Best Option To Make Money Online Quickly In 2016 You Never Know Before You Try It – Best For Newbie And Middle Class [Get] It Now

Swipe Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

Swipe Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

Before I introduce you the real Swipe Empire, Let’s look at some of the options you have probably tried to make profits online

The very first thing that most people try when they sign up to make money online is affiliate marketing. They see 50%, 75% and sometimes even 100% commission to be paid to affiliates and it makes them feel that it’s the fastest way to profits. So they start to build SEO websites, buy software products and training programs, just to drive traffic to an affiliate offer that should be making ton of money for them. My question to you though is this:


For most people it doesn’t. Now, don’t get me wrong, over the years we have made millions with affiliate marketing and it’s great. But 99% of that incomes came from our own subscriber list. And that required an entirely different business model to start with and it takes huge amount of effort, time and resources. Affiliate marketing is not a fast way to make money, if you are starting from scratch.


After trying to make money with affiliate marketing, usually people discover and get excited about so called CPA marketing. CPA marketing is a form of affiliate marketing, but instead of paying commission for an actual sale, they pay you for ‘least resistance actions’ such as opt-in, different form submissions or participation in contests. This money making model usually works great for those who are masters of traffic generation, so they can drive tens of thousands of visitors to an offer and convert them to actions. On TOP of that, there is also a delay when you actually get paid – usually you get paid 15, 30 or 60 days later, so this is definitely not a fast way to generate income.


Product creation is a great way to make money, especially if you are a real expert in a particular niche and you have lots of marketing experience. But if you are just starting out, the learning curve is just too big. First, you need to be able not just to create a product, but also design a high converting product sales funnel. Without that you won’t be making much money at all. Secondly, you need to be able to create a long form sales page just like the one you read now and that requires either a significant investment (you can hire copywriters for as low as $1000 and up to $30k per sales page – decent sales page will cost you between $3k – $5k) or years of training. And finally… You need to become an authority in your niche, so you can get attention not only by potential customers, but also affiliates, who can than drive traffic to your product offer.

Conclusion: While product creation is a great long term business model, it’s not something you can start today and expect profits tomorrow. OK, but if none of the above are fast money makers, the question is…


The answer is physical products via drop-shipping. This is the ONLY business model where YOU GET PAID UPFRONT and you keep the profits. PLUS you can start selling in minutes (no need to waste long hours in product creation, SEO website setup or complicated marketing methods). The entire business model is as simple as these 7 steps below (most of which doesn’t require for you to do anything):

STEP 1 – Pick a HOT ‘in-demand’ product that’s proven to sell (there are thousands of trustable suppliers that are ready to supply products directly to your customers).

STEP 2 – Setup a page with a ‘Buy Now’ button from your PayPal account (takes maybe 20 minutes to setup if you do this first time).

STEP 3 – Drive little traffic to that page and start to sell the product (little traffic – high conversions: just $5 a day FB ad is all you need here).

STEP 4 – Get paid upfront when customers buy and keep your profits (you receive money directly to your PayPal account, so no middleman, no waiting, no building someone else’s business).

STEP 5 – Place an order with supplier (just forward your customer information to the supplier and pay him, you keep the profits.)

STEP 6 – Supplier ships the product directly to your customer (you never touch a product, suppliers does all the work for you).

STEP 7 – Customer receives the product (just rinse & repeat).

Swipe Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

Swipe Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

Sweep Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

Sweep Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

The Law of Simplicity says: “When you have two competing theories, the one that is simplest is the most profitable!” With drop-shipping model there is very little learning required. Regardless of your experience or how long you have been trying to make money online. You can see your first profits just a few hours from now.

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Swipe Empire Fb Edition By Peter Garety – The Best Option To Make Money Online Quickly In 2016 You Never Know Before You Try It – Best For Newbie And Middle Class [Get] It Now


– Elimination of guesswork… instantly tap into a WINNING niche – no more spending days to find a product that’s proven to sell. Just take one of the swipes and start to generate sales in your business.

– Speed of results… with a proven product, a proven niche and the exact ad copy that converts, there is no more room for error. Just launch an ad campaign in minutes and get results within a few hours.

– Get rid of overwhelm and frustration… no more looking for the next “shiny object” in your inbox or trying hundreds of different ways to make money. Just pick any of the swipes, launch your campaign and instantly see results.

– Scale your profits… regardless of whether you are about to make your first sale or 1000th sale, with your “secret weapon” we provide here you can scale your business FAST! Just pick the next product from the swipe file and start to add them as your crosssells and upsells. It’s a proven formula to make more money.

– Save time and money… understanding what works takes massive amount of time and resources. Our swipe file eliminates research and testing – you can just tap into serious profits within a few days.

And most importantly… The Swipe Empire FB Edition is not just about showing you winning products. NO.

It will enable you to ‘EMULATE’ the whole PROFIT sequence starting from a product that sells, ad image & ad copy that converts and handing to you on a silver platter the exact store that’s successfully selling it. This way your path to serious profits is just down to your ability to copy & paste.

How Much The Price?

Well, the value for you to get 50 HOT ‘in-demand’ products is obviously worth thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to you. Just think about this. The fact that you get to see actual stores with exact pages that are selling these products, so you can just COPY & PASTE what they do and start to make money from it. is worth a fortune.

That’s why even if we sold this to you for $997, it would be worth for you to invest. But, it’s not going to be that much. Since this is the early-bird release of the Swipe Empire FB Edition. You are getting a nearly 90% discount. The Price only $12

Swipe empire fb edition by peter garety

Swipe empire fb edition by peter garety

There is 2 UPSELL Product:

Front End Product: Swipe Empire FB Edition

UPSELL #1 : Swipe Empire Targeting Master Class
With the Swipe Empire Sales & Targeting Masterclass you get:

  • Facebook Ad Quick Start Checklist – it’s the ULTIMATE targeting checklist that will allow you to tap into buyers traffic and start to turn one swipe after another to serious money in your PayPal account
  • Sales & Targeting Mindmap – 8 step blueprint (mindmap) on how to optimize your swipes for maximum profits. It provides everything:
    – Starting from FB ad account setup,
    – Image creation for your ads
    – Up to exact ad setup walkthrough – you won’t find details like this in any other program out there (we know them all)!
  • LIVE CASE STUDY: How to take one of the SWIPES from Swipe Empire FB Edition, built the entire campaign from A-Z and make sales (YES, we show you the sales LIVE!)
  • Step by step Video WALKTHROUGH: You get three powerful videos that will ‘connect the dots’ for you:
    – Video 1 (17m) – Proof of the potential of Swipe files, traffic sources, image optimization and more
    – Video 2 (33m) – Create your first ad – 3 FB targeting HACKS, target BUYERS instead of ‘LIKERS’ and more
    – Video 3 (16m) – Fortune is in the follow up – retargeting ad creation from start to finish, images for specific ads and how it all connects, so you get maximum conversions from your ads.

With the Swipe Empire Sales & Targeting Masterclass you really will become a master of Facebook Ads in under 90 minutes. There is no other program (again, we have seen all of them) that shows these things UP CLOSE & PERSONAL like we do. Therefore, if you want to start to make money as soon as today (it takes 90 minutes of your time to master it all)

UPSELL #2 – Swipe Empire FB Edition Extra
With the Swipe Empire FB Edition EXTRA we have solved that problem for you:

  • Two 600 x 600 product images for each product in the Swipe Empire FB Edition (100 images in total), so you can list your product on a page and start to sell it as fas as humanly possible
  • One 1200 x 1200 FB ad image for each product (50 images in total) so you can get high clickthrough rate on your FB ads and start to drive traffic to your product offers
  • Media library according to the Swipe Empire FB Edition PDF, so you can pick any of the 50 product swipes and start to sell them today
Swipe Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

Swipe Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety

The Bonuses Only for Fast Action Taker


Swipe Empire FB Edition Bonus

Swipe Empire FB Edition Bonus

One of the key elements to ensure that your business runs smoothly and that nothings stands in the way to profits is your ability to select a reliable product vendor or supplier. So over the years we have developed a checklist that allows us to INSTANTLY determine whether a particular vendor is reliable or not. Today, if you will be one of the first fast action takers, it will include this bonus as part of your Swipe Empire FB Edition package.

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Swipe Empire Fb Edition By Peter Garety – The Best Option To Make Money Online Quickly In 2016 You Never Know Before You Try It – Best For Newbie And Middle Class [Get] It Now

“I am blown away by the Swipe Empire FB Edition from Peter and Maria. The 50 products swipe file removes the guesswork of whether a product will sell or not and with the special bonus – 7 Point Vendor Section Checklist, finding a matching vendor that’s reliable is very easy. Thank you for providing this!” Andy Sufrin

“Hey Peter & Maria,
I wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say that I think your Swipe Empire FB Edition is probably one of the most helpful references I’ve come across in the eCom arena. All the ad details plus the links where you can check out the products on a store that’s selling it is priceless! Thank you!” Kathe Lucas

Swipe Empire FB Edition by Peter Garety is best for you who want to start his own business, this is very compatible to newbie who want to start his adventure to get money online. And also if you want to switch side from your business today. It’s worth. So don’t be late to take action, because this is very limited offer, Just until the end of this month before increasing to the real price it’s about $100. And I suggest you too before you purchase Swipe Empire FB Edition, let you read and think carefully, because there is no money back guarantee. But I said you that what you’ll get inside is not worth with the price now (Before increasing next month). By only $12 you get value $1000. So you must take decision now, Get Swipe Empire FB Edition – Limited Offer by Peter Gatery now..

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Swipe Empire Fb Edition By Peter Garety – The Best Option To Make Money Online Quickly In 2016 You Never Know Before You Try It – Best For Newbie And Middle Class [Get] It Now



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