Dont’ Buy Rank Cipher Software by Tom Yevsikov Before You Read Until End This Honest Review

Rankcipher Software By Tom Yevsikov is Brand New Software That Can Promise You To Get Page One On Google And Then Get Free Traffic Also Can Build Your Backlink From The Authority Site Automatically

RankCipher Software by Tom Yevsikov Review

Rank Cipher By Tom Yevsikov Review – RankCipher Software

RankCipher Software Review – Overview
-Originator: Gourab Borah, Tom Yesikov, Muhammad
-Product Name: Rank Cipher
-Launch Night Out: 2017-Mar-23
-Launch Time: 10:00 AM EST
-Front-End Price: $57
-Standard Site: https://getrankcipher.com/
-Specific niche market: SEO
-Support: Effective Support
-Bonus deals: Yes!
-Refund: thirty days money-back guarantee, NO QUESTION asked

What is Rank Cipher?

Rank Cipher Software by Tom Yesikov is a software that promises to get you free traffic from Google organic search. And it promises to do that by building lots of backlinks to your money site. You can build backlinks to your website blog home page, specific pages on your blog or website that you want to rank for various terms, or to your pages on other websites (for example, to your YouTube videos, Blogspot blog, Quora.com page with your answers etc). You need traffic for whatever you’re doing online. Getting traffic is the hardest thing in internet marketing. There’s always paid traffic, but the trouble is that it’s hard to figure out a system which will allow you to pay for traffic, and still be profitable. That’s why FREE traffic is a great option. And one of the best ways to get free traffic is Google Organic Search results. I am not an expert on Google traffic, but I know a thing or two about getting free traffic from Google. At the moment, on the dadshustle.com blog, I get 40-80 visitors every day for free from Google:

RankCipher Software by Tom Yevsikov Review

So it’s absolutely possible to get page 1 rankings. In order to get those higher rankings in Google, you need to have backlinks pointing to your site. For Google, it’s a sign that your site is authoritative and the more links you have pointing to your site, the more are the chances that Google is going to rank your site higher in the search results.

However, it takes a huge amount of time to build the links. Normally, here is what you have to do as a blogger: you need to write great content, then you need to find out the top blogs in your niche, then get in touch with those blogs in your niche and they network with them, comment on their posts etc. Then after a while you need to mention your content to those bloggers, and see if the other bloggers might be willing to link back to your content.

How RankCipher Works?

This is where a software like RankCipher comes in. It allows you to automate the link-building tasks. It allows you to set up intelligent link-building rules and to build a network of backlinks to your target site quickly and automatically.

With RankCipher, you can use a cool visual designer to set up your “link tree”. For example, you can say that your main “money site” is dadshustle.com. Then you can choose from a huge array of backlink sources – Web 2.0 sites like tumblr, blogspot etc, some other sites that allow powerful do-follow links, article directories, and other places where you can get backlinks.

Here is how the link tree looks inside the Visual Designer:RankCipher Rank Cipher visual designer:

How Does RankCipher Works? RankCipher Honest Review

Then you can set up the full multi-tier linking structure. For example, the article directory can link to a tumblr page. Then you can have blogspot link to the tumblr page, and a second article directory link to the tumblr page. So the Tumblr page might have 3 links pointing to it. From there, that Tumblr page can point to your main “money site”.

Why would you want to do that?If a Tumblr page is pointing to your main site, that’s good. But if that Tumblr page has many other pages pointing to it, then it will pass much more “link juice” to your money site when it’s linking to it, because in Google’s eyes that Tumblr page will have more authority.

After you’ve done this, you’ll have tons of other options to play with:

-Copy/paste your article so that it can be submitted to the various locations as content (you can use PLR content)
-Connect multiple spinner services to make your submitted article unique
-Using proxies
-And others

After that, RankCipher will go ahead and automatically build out the full link tree.

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It is VERY powerful. What about the results? Well, in my video I show how the authors have their domain http://mehandidesignsarabic.in/ rank on Page 1 for many tattoo-related keywords:

Rank Cipher Honest Review by Greg Kononenko

Why you need to be careful with RankCipher

Now, one word of caution that I wanted to include in my review: if you already have a website which is very important to you and is your main site, and if that site is getting mostly organic Google Traffic, I would recommend against using RankCipher on that site. Why? Well, Google algorithm is insanely smart. And it is getting smarter every single day. Official position of Google on backlinks is that you are not allowed to build backlinks. You are not allowed to pay for backlinks. And you are not allowed to artificially build links to your sites. They consider link building to be an attempt to artificially influence Google algorithm. If we’re completely honest with ourselves, that’s exactly what RankCipher does – it builds lots of artificial links in an automated fashion. So it’s grey hat.  And if you have a site that is getting lots of free traffic from Google, and if you run RankCipher, there is a chance that sooner or later Google will find out through their algo and they might penalize your site by dropping it off their index.  If your main site right now is NOT relying on Google free traffic, you’re probably ok to use RankCipher since if you lose all existing Google traffic you won’t be impacted anyway. You can probably also safely use Rank Cipher in other places – for example to rank your YouTube videos higher or your Quora.com pages with your answers higher. Those sites (YouTube and Quora) have so much authority that 100 links are unlikely to impact your pages negatively in any way. You can also start some new websites and use Rank Cipher on them. Or you can use Rank Cipher on some websites which are secondary to your business. You will know that those sites are sort of “disposable” and if they disappear at some point – no big deal. I personally will be using RankCipher to build links to my YouTube videos when I am trying to rank them. But I would not build links to my dadshustle.com blog with it, simply because I’d be too worried to screw up my rankings.

For vast majority of people though, this is a great software that can be very very powerful.

source: deadhustle.com – Author: Greg Kononenko

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Rankcipher Software By Tom Yevsikov – Brand New Software That Can Promise You To Get Page One On Google And Then Get Free Traffic Also Can Build Your Backlink From The Authority Site Automatically 

Product Funnel

OTO #1 – Rankcipher Upgrade Rubick Version
Rubick On Page Optimization – Providing a score for the On Page SEO of a website, based on the below metrics we provide a score of a website:
-Domain Overview: Check the main parameters for your websites such as IP address, server location, domain age, domain expiration, PR, Alexa, indexed pages in search engines, and DMOZ.
-Meta-Analysis: Check meta titles and meta description. Includes the duplicate check, empty meta tags etc.
-Images Analysis: Check that your alt text and image titles are unique, also analyze broken images.
-Content Analysis: Check your website for unique content and empty h1-h3 tags
-Links Analysis: Check internal and external links of your website, also analyze the broken links.
-Report Generation:
Download your report in PDF format or have it emailed to you through this option on a periodic time period.
-Speed and Performance:
Gives a complete overview of the things that you need to optimize to improve the speed and performance of a website.
-Team Members:
Ability to add your team members and assign them to the project you are working on.

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Product Funnel
Front End : Rank Cipher Software
OTO #1 : Rank Cipher Upgrade Rubick Version
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