Leadifly Pro by Paul Okeeffe et al – Brand New Software To Build Your List With The Real email Addresses From Facebook And Revealed How Andy Generate 811 Subscriber Within a week Without Paid any Ads

Leadifly Pro by Paul Okeeffe et al – Brand New Software To Build Your List With The Real email Addresses From Facebook And Revealed How Andy Generate 811 Subscriber Within a week Without Paid any Ads

Leadifly review – this software is easy to install, with just 4 step you can generate your list instantly. After you push instant access you’ll send to the members area to download leadifly pro. So just install the plugin on your wordpress blog, so connect to facebook by adding your FB UID (you can get in facebook developer) join my facebook group for free to get training and help your problem. After you are connecting with your fb account start to share your leadifly links, and then you can sit down to watch how powerful this leadifly pro to collect real leads. By having Leadifly software here some feature to success your list building, Lock any kind of content on your site until the user opts in via Facebook and instantly adding them to your email list. You also can create links to content ANYWHERE online that require Facebook opt-in, adding users to your list after they click. This software already Integrate directly with a wide range of major email service providers, including MailChimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, Sendlane and Get Response. And of course this is legally and Fully compliant with Facebook’s terms of service, using the API exactly the way that it’s meant to be used. Si by these feature Your Facebook app requires no approval from Facebook and absolutely no experience is needed in developing. Even you are newbie could do it. And of course the subscriber never feels pressurized into giving up his or her details, it’s all done behind the scenes from Facebook.

Leadifly pro is great software even to build or increase your list with real email addresses. This Leadifly pro by Andy Firth is wordpress plugin based, so it’s easy you to setup and run, without needed any technical skill. If you are newbie and never set up wordpress site i’ll help you to set it, i have created fb group for beginner, join fb group here. Ok, if you think that build a list is getting hard, it’s not happen again right now. Leadifly by Paul okkefe is the solution for you. This what andry firth did, from musician to internet marketer, andy build his list within 120 hours resulting 811 subscriber with real email… How can he did it? using leadifly pro, he would like to share with us how powerful this software. Leadifly pro wordpress plugin that allows you to create links or content which you can share anywhere online, in order to generate INSTANT leads. The software connects directly to Facebook to retrieve your visitors’ details, and as soon as they click confirm, they will be automatically added to your email list, before they are forwarded to the content that they wanted to access. This strategy i called smooth list building, while you get really really email. Of course with this list you can offer your product even physically or digital product. You can set up your copywriting to collect the email by interest. And the best part is because you have their REAL email addresses, you can be sure that your messages will go into their inboxes, meaning that you can start selling more products instantly, so the potential benefits of using this new software are huge. Leadifly pro is great.. it is integrated by some popular autoresponder such as getresponse, sendlane, aweber, active campaign, and Mailchimp. Whatever niche you’re in, having your own audience of targeted, engaged email subscribers is still the number one way to make money. With 92% of online adults using email, and 61% using it every single day, if you’re serious about your business, you NEED to have an email list. Leadifly pro software is the best options to build your list right now…

Check here : Leadifly Pro by Paul Okeeffe et al – Brand New Software To Build Your List With The Real email Addresses From Facebook And Revealed How Andy Generate 811 Subscriber Within a week Without Paid any Ads

Leadifly pro software

Leadifly Pro Features

– Create a new professional look for your brand with easy metadata posts
– Be at the cutting edge of new Facebook advertising tips
– Promote your fan pages in a new and different way
– Build viral links along with viral posts
– Increase engagements organically
– Target the most active users without PPC
– Send people on desktop to any URL you want
– Boost your sales & affiliate commission

Leadifly review – Few Reason Why You Should Have Leadifly pro

–Anyone can use Leadifly, all that you need is a WordPress blog.
–You don’t need a budget for traffic, and this software will instantly bring you better results with your existing visitors.
–You can be sure you are getting REAL emails instead of fake ones.
–Potential customers know & trust Facebook so you gain their authoritative trust.
–Having Leadifly on your pages will grow your email list on autopilot.
–Real email leads will help you market to your prospects better

How Leadifly Pro Works?

  1. Leadifly is displayed on any WP page you have with one of two types of trigger:
  2. Leadifly button (This can be shown either directly in page posts or via any widget)
  3. Leadifly link (you can paste these into any thread, forum topic, guest blog, Facebook post, Twitter tweet, LinkedIn etc.)

You can start build your own Facebook Leads Funnel with Leadifly simply like this:

  1. Incentivise any visitors to click the magic button or magic link
  2. This will pass across your Facebook profile details and best email address
  3. This is then also integrated into your favourite autoresponder of choice
  4. Now you are able to send direct Facebook messenger notifications to your new leads AND also follow up with a full autoresponder series.

Check here : Leadifly Pro by Paul Okeeffe et al – Brand New Software To Build Your List With The Real email Addresses From Facebook And Revealed How Andy Generate 811 Subscriber Within a week Without Paid any Ads

leadifly pro review leadifly pro review leadifly pro review leadifly pro review

Leadifly Demo Video

Facebook App Setup Tutorial

Leadifly Notification Tutorial


Leadifly OTO Funnel

There are 3 oto upsell of Leadifly pro by Paul Okeeffe and Andy firth, Leadifly Pro Reseller, Leadifly EPA License and Leadifly High Level Strategies

Front End – Leadifly Pro Software

OTO #1 – Leadifly Pro Upgrade Agency and Reseller Right

This is an upgrade version of Leadifly, you are be able to sell this plugin as your own, this software will help you to increase your opt-ins and build your list on steroids. I said you that an amazing plugin like this doesn’t come around very often, especially at such an amazing price, By getting Leadifly Reseller right is the right choice to gain your profit and list, you could offer others the chance to buy this brand new list building plugin, which will build their subscribers and flood their lists with REAL emails. Everyone online needs to build a list, and this applies to anyone in any niche: Affiliate marketers, Email Marketers, Ecom marketers, Product creators, Offline businesses, and anyone who wants to sell… Every online business will want and need this plugin to grow their subscribers, so imagine how big your customer base could be. When you decide to grab this license you are also get the sales copy which was created by a seven figure copy writer. This sales copy has generated over one million dollars, and you will get that, completely done and formatted for you.

You will also get:
–Done for you video sales letter, created by our amazing in-house team who have generated over two million dollars in sales.
–The full graphics pack.
–Everything you need to start selling Leadifly today as your own.

Now it should be charging $147 and above for such a great opportunity, but for a very, very limited time, they are going to let you buy into this for only $27. Your own complete business in a box for only $27.

Just to recap here is what you get:
-Leadifly plugin full version worth $3,500
-Leadifly sales copy worth $1,250
-Leadifly sales page formatted worth $750
-Leadifly video sales letter worth $500
-Leadifly graphics pack worth $250

Not only that, but they are also going to let you use the support site complete with staff that will look after and support your after sales care.

OTO #2 – Leadifly EPA License Upgrade

The EPA license is access to the high converting funnels. When you are going to purchase Leadifly and in to the database, you have the option to turn on the tried and tested funnels. This means you will be able to get paid $1.00 per email your put into the funnels. But you also get to keep the leads. they will have graphics and creative’s for you who wish to utilise the EPA module.

Making money is not enough? if you purchased the reseller module you can now add this into the funnel and make even more money.

So this means you can resell the EPA module as well so how easy would it be to resell a plugin that instantly paid the buyer?

They will be queuing up to get this as there has been nothing like this before.

OTO #3 – Leadifly High Level Strategies Training

Leadifly is a simple, yet very powerful piece of software, and in the right hands you can use it to add a huge number of subscribers to your list, and transform your business in no time at all.

This training & membership has been put together by people with years of experience in Internet Marketing, and the techniques that you will learn, can be used to increase sales, whatever line of business you are in.

You will get access to the higher level strategies membership site, the exclusive secret closed FB group, regular live webinar sessions, copies of the higher level case studies and training videos (complete with accompanying, mp3 audio, mp4 downloads & .pdf copies) all outlining a wide range of proven methods, which when used correctly along with Leadifly, will save you a huge amount of time, effort and money when it comes to generating leads.

You’ll learn about how to use Leadifly to maximum effect on your own websites and social media, as well as a number of techniques that only the pros use.

So if you want to learn the secrets that top marketers are using to dominate the industry and get ahead of the competition, you can access this special training for 50% off at a special one off price of only $47. This is a small price to pay to utilise the software you’ve already purchased correctly and in turn revolutionise your business.

What people said about Leadifly

Simple, easy to use and perfect for turning website visitors into potential customers. Anyone who can post a link can now generate leads. Leadifly is a must for anyone who has struggled to build a responsive email list in the past.”
–Danny Walsh
Walsh Marketing

When a new piece of software like Leadifly comes along it’s going to change the way that people think about lead generation. Whether you’re a newbie or a marketing expert, a plugin like this is a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal.”
–Cindy Donovan
Covert Commissions | Wildfire Concepts

This plugin is going to make it so much easier for anybody to add real, targeted leads to their list. Often the simplest ideas are the best, and the beauty of Leadifly is that by harnessing the power of Facebook, users are far more likely to opt in.”
–Abhi Dwivedi
VideoReel | Vega6 Webware Tech.

“What’s exciting about Leadifly is that you can turn any piece of content into a lead generating machine. The possibilities for growing your subscriber list are endless, and if you want to rise above your competitors, this is a plugin that you need.”
–Matthew Nee
Viralism | Post Viral


Leadifly BONUS

–Leadifly Notification Pro
As an extra bonus, we are also including the Leadifly Notification Add-on which is worth $57.
Get your Facebook app approved, and this add-on allows you to send out Facebook notifications containing clickable links to all of your subscribers whenever you want, without having to pay for expensive email services.
You can also send your subscribers instant messages as soon as they join, so it’s ideal for keeping people engaged and interested in what you have to say.

–Leadifly Developers
As an extra bonus, We are also giving you the developers license.
This means you can install this on any site you manage for your clients. You can install unlimited times.
You can also sell done for your sites with Leadifly installed. You get the full unlimited developers license. Worth $97

–Email Wizard Platform
To make this a no-brainer for you, I have even included as a bonus my Email Scarcity timer.
This is a web application that lets you add timers right inside the emails that you are collecting with Leadifly. So you can add Scarcity to those emails and make sure your buyers are clicking.
This would normally sell at $97, but I’m including it today as a FREE BONUS for a very limited time only.

Not Enough? Here is Additional BONUS

Leadifly Pro BONUS

Article List Builder

Leadifly Pro BONUS


Leadifly Pro BONUS

Atomic List Building

Leadifly Pro BONUS

Email Marketing

Leadifly Pro BONUS

List Building

Leadifly Pro BONUS

Mailing list strategies

Leadifly Pro BONUS

WP Inbox Monster

Leadifly Pro BONUS

Internet Marketing Profits

Leadifly pro is proven software by newbie as andy, if he can did it you can.. generating 811 subscriber within week is not easy if you dont have any weapon, so you can make this Leadifly as your weapon to build your list even start your online marketing or