Netpreneur Franchise System Pro Review : Get Access To The Quadratic Formula To Start Making Money Online Within The Next 24 72 Hours

Netpreneur Franchise System Pro Review : Get Access To The Quadratic Formula To Start Making Money Online Within The Next 24 72 Hours

Netpreneur Franchise System is the new software that will help you to build your own 6 figure online business in the next 12 weeks or less even if you are starting from scratch. You can earn your money while you learn this revolutionary solution. This is the revolutionary franchise system with the 3 easy online income streams. You can easily get your money easily and quickly with this incredible system. this will really help you make money online quickly while learning how to create a sustainable 6 figure internet business, with help from a proven system, and access to a trusted coach, then this is the most important letter you will read all year. With Netpreneur Franchise System you will get all complete package with a proven 7 pillars to 6 figures training program and it also provides you with the answers to the Quadratic Formula for creating a sustainable and profitable online success. Most systems that seek to help many internet newbies, or struggling veterans, break through the cycle of financial failure and frustration, do not take a wholistic approach to dealing with the twin problems that must be solved, before the aspiring internet marketer can be guaranteed a great chance at success. While this solution may work if properly used, it does not give you the fundamental training and coaching you need to build a sustainable internet business for yourself, over the long haul, that is independent of the initial ‘emergency money solution’ program you signed up for. In other words, this solution only gives you some expensive fish to eat right now, without teaching you how to fish yourself in the long term. But this Netpreneur Franchise System is much better, and easier way, to ensure you achieve both your short term goal of making money quickly online, while also achieving the long term goal of becoming a legitimate guru in your own right. The Netpreneur Franchise System is created specifically to help you harness. The power of both the short term and long term approaches to internet marketing success, while eliminating the disadvantages of both.

Inside this Netpreneur Franchise System you will learn about the Quadratic formula. The Quadratic formula is everything you need to achieve success online both in the short term and for the long term. This system is going to give you everything you need to master the internet money making process successfully. It will allow you to get a quick win by making money over the next 24 72hours, while also providing you with the tools you need to grow as a profitable internet marketer and become a Master yourself within a few months. You will get the 4 in 1 ‘earn as your learn’ money making system that gives you fish to eat while also helping you develop the skills to fish for yourself in the internet marketing ocean. If you can make quick money immediately to take care of your immediate needs, with enough left over to finance your continuing education and training as an internet marketer, your chances of hanging on and becoming a 6 figure income earning guru within a few months will go through the roof. And with this incredible Netpreneur Franchise System, you can start making money online on call, without working or spending yourself to death, think about how good you will feel for finally breaking through the cycle of failure online. You can also start making not just regular income, but residual income, as well building a sound internet business, think about how much fun and time you will have for yourself and your family. And also you can see yourself bragging to your family and friends who have been laughing at you, but now asking you for tips, about you finally got a breakthrough as an online marketer.

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This is exactly what you can do with Netpreneur Franchise System :

–Short cut on make consistent money online
you will discover exactly how to make consistent money online, within a few days, even if you have no technical skills, or you have never created a profitable product or have never made any serious money online before.

–Skip all mistakes and obstacles
you will skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop most internet marketers and start making money online immediately, while freeing yourself to learn long term strategies for building a consistent 6 figure income in 6 months or less.

–Comprehensive training & solid foundation
you will learn how to build the pillars for permanent long term success for yourself and will no longer be at the mercy of merciless gurus who just want to take your money and give you incomplete training that always left you stranded. You will easily learn the things you need to do to become a legitimate guru in your niche.

–Access to quick money making assets
you will get access to other people’s proven money generating assets and resources, without investing a fraction of their money, energy or time   and leverage them to generate tons of cash into your bank account.

–Quadratic internet success formula
you will know exactly how to become a legitimate guru in your own right even if you are new to internet marketing by getting access to the quadratic internet success formula, the 4 in 1 ‘earn as your learn’ solution for generating immediate income while learning to create a real sustainable income generating business on the internet.


This is what you will get by having Netpreneur Franchise System :

  • Franchise license 3 sets of complete plug-and-play money-making products

You get franchise license to 3 sets of complete plug-and-play money-making products that you can deploy to start making money immediately on the internet in the next 24-72hours. You get to keep 60% of all sales (including all the upsells in each complete product package), while the franchise company keeps 40%. What makes these product packages even more awesome is that each product package also comes with 3 different upsells included in its sales funnel. you will be getting ready-to-go products in the 3 sets of products. You can start making money with this in the next 24 hours by simply adding some traffic to the beginning of the funnel (the squeeze page), and start building your own mailing list. Under the generous franchise deal, you get to keep 60% of all sales the products included in the franchise page, while the franchise company only gets 40%.

  • Complete professionally done marketing funnels, kits and resources

You get the complete marketing funnels, kits and resources including your own personalized squeeze page to start building your own list that you own 100%; sales pages with at least 3 additional upsell pages to promote; complete follow up emails to use with your autoresponder; promotional materials (banners; tweets; solo ads, social posts etc.) To the complete resources and training toolkit to learn from the gurus. These funnels have been designed by award winning funnel designers to maximize your sales with minimum effort. Some of these funnels converted at over 12% and some at over $60 EPC during the launches. So, you know these funnels have been battle tested to help you make easy money with your promotions.

  • Professional created and tested promotional materials to drive traffic

Having a superbly designed funnels is not enough. You still need great promotional materials to drive traffic to the funnel, and also get the prospects to understand and fall in love with the product before they even get to the sales page. The NFS has you covered on that as well. As part of the huge package you will be getting with your NFS License, you will also be receiving highly converting promotional materials including Email Swipes for each of the products in the pack,; Promotional Banners for your blogs and adverts; Social Media Posts; Tweets and Blog postS to help you create massive awareness and promotional campaign to super charge you commission.

  • Fearless Netpreneur’s Comprehensive 7-Pillars To 6-Figures Training Vault

You get complete access to the 7-pillars to 6-figures netpreneur coaching vault containing 100s of training videos, audio and pdf that will help you create your own 7-pillar 6-figure internet business empire so that you don’t have to rely on me, or any other guru for the rest of your life. With the comprehensive training included in the Vault, you will be able to learn and build your own business empire over the next 90 days to 180 days, including selecting how to select a profitable niche; creating your own products; getting affiliates; launching your own products for massive income; generating traffic effortlessly etc.


Follows the ways below to make money using Netpreneur Franchise System PRO Upgrade :

  1. The Franchisee Referral Cash-Flow (you get 50% of all NFS referrals)

This is Immediate Income Opportunity that will allow you to start making good money. in the next 24-72 hours. Once you have locked down your $1 trial, you can start making money immediately by introducing the NFS program to your friends, even before you dig into the main program proper. Many of our franchisees have earned thousands of dollars their very first 7 days in the system, just by taking part in the NFS Referral Campaign, with some of them even making over $5,000 in their first month alone. As a Netpreneur Franchisee, you will receive 50% of the initial Franchise fee paid by all the people you referred, and a monthly recurrent commission of 20% of their monthly franchise fees.

  1. The Plug ‘N’ Play Cash Explosion

With the Netpreneur Franchise system, you get complete product lines, complete with marketing funnels, and complete marketing tools that you can deploy in a matter of minutes, even if you have never created any product or funnels before. Each product in the package comes complete with Hot Products that have a huge demand. Each main product comes complete with Professional Sales pages, 3 Upsell Products and a Membership Area. You also get the complete ready-made marketing tools including Email Swipes; Solo Ads; bonus pages; banners; Social Media Swipes to promote the products etc. These are immediately available Businesses in A Box at the click of your mouse. All you need to do is apply traffic, and you can start racking up huge commissions right away.   You will get paid a commission of 60% of all sales from all our complete Done-for-you products.

  1. Creating & Selling 100% Owned Products Through Netpreneur Marketplace

This is the core of the NFS system. You will be able to use our comprehensive 7-Pillars To 6-Figures Passion to Income training to create your own awesome products to sell yourself or through our Netpreneur Marketplace. You will own this product 100% and then decide how you want to compensate our 1,000s of affiliates who would be in a position to help you sell your products. To help you get your slice of the digital marketing revolution, we have created an exclusive Netpreneur Marketplace for the Franchisees that allows you to open your own store for free, and then make it available for the franchisees to help you sell as affiliates.

You will also get a great bonus from this Netpreneur Franchise SystemBy Dr. Ope Benwo :

–Bonus 1 : Confessions Of A Guru Wannabe
The shocking true story of how a clueless internet newbie overcame obstacles to establish a 6-figure income in less than 12 months. This amazon bestseller is a must-read by every digital marketer and will help you deal with so many of the mistakes struggling marketers make

–Bonus 2 : Free Lifetime Subscription To The Fearless Netpreneur Magazine
This is the #1 industry focused magazine that give you regular access to advanced internet marketing tips; market stats and analysis, game changing articles, cool tricks and tips, and insider secrets from top marketing gurus for only $1. Plus you get all the back copies.

–Bonus 3 : Digital Business Goldmines (Complete Videos, Audios, PDF Pack)
Step by step blueprint of 12 different businesses you can start in the next 24 hours with no investment; no experience and no technical skills. This is a complete training package of over 8 hours of video, audio and PDF transcripts.

–Bonus 4 : Complete Access To Fearless Netpreneur Summit
This is a 3-day marathon conference with over 18 hours of video featuring 15 of the best in the internet marketing business including internet marketing superstars: Todd Gross; Sam Bakker, Omar Martin, Ron Douglas, Alicia Lyttle, Laura Casselman, Delilah Taylor, Ty Cohen, Sam England, Kimberly Hash-Devries, Victory Akpos, Ifiok Nkem, Chad Nicely, Stephen Akintayo, and Dr Ope Banwo as Host

Check out here : Netpreneur Franchise System Pro Review : Get Access To The Quadratic Formula To Start Making Money Online Within The Next 24 72 Hours


Netpreneur Franchise System Funnels

OTO 1 – Netpreneur Franchise System PRO Upgrade

By getting this Netpreneur Franchise System PRO Upgrade you will be able to have a rare one-time opportunity to become an NFS pro franchisee. With the NFS Pro License, you get an amazing opportunity to supercharge your income and increase your income potential by 200% with the NFS program.

With the Netpreneur Franchise System Franchisee Pro Package you will get:

–3 additional evergreen products
Here you will get the evergreen product with proven 6-figure sales records and making it 6 total main products in your franchise arsenal.
–3 additional complete funnels arsenal
You are able now to make squeeze, sales page, OTO pages, follow up emails, banners
–Guaranteed Partnership In Your Personal Product Project
You will also get a Guaranteed Partnership with your first product launch (i.e Free funnel review; Secure JV Manager on excellent terms; Full Promotion to the lists; Premium Listing of your product on Netpreneur Marketplace)
–3 Additional Upsell Products
You will get the upsell products included with each additional product and 9 upsells in all. Making 18 total in your franchise arsenal.
–Get Higher Level Franchise Income
You get to keep 75% of Franchise Sales instead of the regular 60%.
–One Hour Live On One Coaching Call
You get a full 1 hour live one l-on- one coaching call with NFS Founder. This Coaching call will help you get clarity, focus and direction and answer any questions you have on your business.

You will also get bonuses inside this Netpreneur Franchise System PRO Upgrade :

–Bonus 1 : Action Checklist
This professionally put together checklist is your guide to ensure that you take action in a systematic manner and didn’t miss out anything. This checklist has been carefully designed to be a like a summary of the entire guide but in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course.
–Bonus 2 : Instant Visualization Map
This is a one-page visualization sheet so you can have an instant recall at-at-a glance of all the major points and action steps from the main guide any time you need it.
–Bonus 3 : Top Resources Rolodex
First action takers will get the Top Resources Rolodex that gives you amazing access to a rolodex of top sites, blogs, forums, tools, apps and services to get you out of the block quicker. This rolodex will save you thousands of dollars and time wasted in doing trial and error. Inside this top resources rolodex you will find:

  • Top internet marketing tools
  • Top internet marketing blogs
  • Top internet marketing forums and lots+ more

All these valuable additional resources are available right now for those who will take action right away before they are withdrawn from the offer forever.

OTO 2 – Netpreneur Franchise System Concierge

This is a Netpreneur Franchise System Concierge Service which is your complete setup, custom configuration and installation plan. The is a professional and complete done-for-you installation, configuration and set-up service of your franchise packages. While the Netpreneur Franchise Package comes with everything you will need to start making money now, you still need to get the different parts set up and configured, particularly the done-for-you Squeeze pages to your own custom domain. You will also need to connect the ready-made squeeze pages to the landing pages and also set up other ready-make marketing tools you have been provided in your own custom site, including the follow up emails, banners and blog etc. For many people just thinking about installing a squeeze page, or setting up their own custom autoresponder account with the follow up emails or connecting the different pieces to work like a well-oiled machine, though very easy to do, is a scary nightmare. With the NFS Concierge Service will take all the installation, configuration and setup tasks out of your hand, and help you get everything up and running,so you do not have to lift a finger in setting up.

This is what you will get :

  • A personal assistant : The Netpreneur Franchisee Concierge service basically gives you your own virtual assistant to help you get everything turned into a turnkey machine with nothing to do on your part other than directing traffic to it.
  • Get all done for you programs ; With this Concierge Service you won’t have to get frustrated, or give up on your dreams like many have done with other programs, because you do not like dealing with anything technical or you are just not wired to do stuff like that.
  • Complete CUSTOM Installation ; You will get all the customization of your installation of all the parts of the Netpreneur franchise package on your own custom domain (i.e. including squeeze pages; Product linkages to the squeeze page; follow up emails set up etc)
  • Installation and Setup ; You will get the set up of all your personalized squeeze pages on your own domain or subdomain
  • Creation and Setup ; You will get the creation of Your Own Custom Franchisee Blog with all your franchise product graphic banners installed with your franchisee links so you get credits for all sales on your blog. This Blog will be in your own preferred name, preferred domain etc
  • Setup & Configuration Of Follow Up Emails ; This setup is for your Autoresponder. So, your prospects will automatically be receiving your own personalized emails from the money they opted in. This was you own and control your list exclusively
  • Setting & Connecting Ready-made Funnels ; This is especially for your squeeze pages so the customer can flow from product to product on auto-pilot.
  • Free Annual Hosting Of Your Domain ; You will get the hosting for free and all your funnels. This itself will save you hundreds of dollars each year in hosting fees.

OTO 3 – Netpreneur Franchise System Masterclass

Inside this Netpreneur Franchise System Masterclass you will get a coach to a consistent income of $10,000+ per month starting from scratch from the founder, DR Ope Banwo himself. And he will help you achieve your dreams of financial success as a netpreneur wealth apprentice in 6 months or less. The question that has always left people frustrated, discouraged, and often caused many to give up on their dreams of financial breakthrough. Without a mentor or coach, most simply fall along the way and become another casualty or part of the negative statistics of those who have lost out in the internet money game. By having Netpreneur Franchise System Masterclass, it is time that you acknowledge that if we were to search your hard-drive right now, you probably absolutely have most of the materials you need to start making money online. For complete newbies, even if you have not bought those materials yet, the chances are that ‘gurus’ who only care about your money will soon be offering them to you in product after product, and in multiple upsells that tell you basically the same steps you need for success. This Netpreneur Franchise System Masterclass is an intensive personal coaching program for those who are tired of struggling online or dreaming of success but who are actually ready to go from zero to high 5-figures per month within a few weeks.

This is what you will get inside Netpreneur Franchise System Masterclass:

  • Personal coaching plan to help you get to consistent 5-figure monthly income status in 6 months or less.
  • Step-by-step training to narrow your niche to a profitable one and guide you to get your next product ready.
  • Weekly action assignments to help you get to $10,000 p/month in 6 months with accountability
  • Help you launch your product as a JV /Affiliate while also involving some of my top guru friends to help you.
  • Access to all products released so far including ebooks; videos and audios.
  • Weekly 30mins one-on-one consultation meeting with Dr Ope Bonwa via skype
  • The fool-proof profitable method to build a massive list while making money in the process
  • How to set up a money-sucking funnel that will help you make money on call anytime you want
  • Membership In FB Secret Coaching Class
  • Free V.I.P access to all the paid workshop and events
  • Help to develop your own profitable business plan of action
  • Help to get your digital product ready for release



This Netpreneur Franchise System PRO will s