ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo is the best software for you to get your affiliate commission easily and it is completed with done-for-you high converting affiliate stores in 60 seconds flat. With ShopMozo you are able to create multiple passive income streams because you will get stunning premium design. This ShopMozo is built in viral Facebook traffic so you can easily get more profit for your business. ShopMozo is 100% autopilot product publishing with your affiliate link and it also SEO optimized and mobile responsive. You will also get DFY curated YouTube video reviews.  You can use this stupid-simple review affiliate stores that link to amazon affiliates products and its all curated for you, 100% on autopilot. You can be easy to build your own affiliate store without needing a tedious work. You just need to integrate your Affiliate ID and enter a Keyword related to your niche and wait a few second, your affiliate store will be built. So, you don’t have to worry on manufacturing products either. You don’t even need to write such a product review anymore or even record a video review. This powerful ShopMozo software does all the hard work for you. It curates video reviews form YouTube and gets your product reviews on 100% automation. Since all the hard work will be handled in autopilot system, you will also get traffic pretty easily. ShopMozo software uses the engaging power of Videos, Facebook, social signals and it also spreads your content on tons of RSS sites that take you higher up in the Google rankings in organic way, means floods of free traffic without spending a penny on paid advertisement. That means, you are now combining the 3 biggest niches online into one seamless solution that does it all for you, 100% on autopilot. It is really great for you as a newbie to have this incredible software that will handle all the hard work for you. You will literally do nothing except get your profit. With ShopMozo, literally you have the most powerful system on earth at your fingertips, allowing you to instantly create authority affiliate stores full of high-converting and profitable videos that Google loves, and high-selling products that make you fat commissions and sales hands free.

ShopMozo will help you to instantly get your own fully automated affiliate marketing system that gets you free viral traffic, more leads and more sales without ever having to waste your time and money on setting up your store, buying expensive designs or paying for content. With ShopMozo you can get started with only 3 simple steps. The first step is to only insert your affiliate ID into his software. Then you can easily click a button that automatically builds you an affiliate site. The last thing you need to do is only to enjoy your autopilot curated products, viral Facebook traffic and free review videos that get you first rankings, even more traffic and money. With this intelligent technology, you don’t need to set up Word Press and wait hours for getting it installed. Neither do you have to pay through your nose for getting a professional theme. You also don’t have to scratch your head and invest hours on content and video creation. Creating an affiliate store is so damn simple that even newbies’ can try their hands on this stupid simple software without any technical hassles. ShopMozo uses the secret proprietary technology to drive thousands of visitors to your store using the power of Facebook viral traffic and it’s all done on autopilot. It is even better, because it automatically curates YouTube video reviews and adds them next to your store products. The fact is that if you use videos Google ranks you higher and your conversions increase by 80%. So, by having ShopMozo you can enjoy simple affiliate income you don’t have to worry about. It’s all fully automated, with more traffic, better rankings and improved conversions over anything else you have ever seen before. Plus this is not a cheap WP plugin because it’s a fully-fledged cloud-based app that even a complete newbie can use that builds you affiliate stores in any niche you want.

Check here : ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo ShopMozo Steps ShopMozo ReviewShopMozo oto
Front End – ShopMozo Unlimite Store
OTO #1 – ShopMozo Pro Upgrade Version
OTO #2 – ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade
OTO #3 – ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade
OTO #4 – ShopMozo Premium Membership Upgrade


ShopMozo Features and benefit :

  • Stunning Design That Converts

ShopMozo comes with inbuilt 5 different color themes to choose from. It is built from ground up to be marketer-friendly, meaning our stores that you can build with just one click are tweaked to perfection to give you more of everything: traffic, leads and sales.

  • Most Advanced Automation Technology on Earth

With ShopMozo, all you need is add your affiliate ID and keywords. This premium software will build and populate your site with hundreds of affiliate products you make money on.

  • SEO built-in. Let the traffic come

ShopMozo has been designed from the ground up with the best SEO practices in mind. So, the platform is 100% SEO friendly guaranteed to get you high rankings in Google.

  • Facebook Viral Traffic Done for You

ShopMozo automatically does all your social media work using the secret formula that guarantees thousands of visitors hit your store in minutes.

  • Video Curation Taken to The Next Level

Build straight into this cloud based app, you can now harness hundreds of relevant video reviews for your product. These videos raise your conversions by 80% and google rewards you with #1 rankings and even more traffic.

  • Self-Updating Artificial Intelligence

With the incredible A.I. feature, everything is running on autopilot. Every day ShopMozo will add more products, curate more videos and drive more Facebook traffic. Which means your stores make you more money and your business is expanding every day without you having to do any of the work. It checks every hour and also automatically updates the product price like a magic when Amazon do change anything on their store.

  • 100% Mobile Friendly

And with 35% of online sales coming from mobile and you have hit the jackpot with shopmozo. it’s fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Today, more than half of users are on mobile and if you are not targeting them, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. This software is using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to make the system 100% mobile responsive and ultra light which allows you to cash in millions from mobile users.

  • Built-In Slider to Make Your Store Even More beautiful

Everybody loves dynamic stores that change. This new built-in slider interacts with your users and provides them with multiple products they can buy, thus improving user engagement and conversions at the same time.

  • Product Management – Products, Category and Tags

Everything is built in simplicity. It means that editing a product, adding a category or implementing tags is a breeze. This way you can set everything up in minutes and make the entire experience fulfilling for your buyers without wasting a lot of time.

  • Get More Social Sharing for Even More Targeted Viral Traffic

This software is builtwith  social sharing buttons right into each product page. So, while ShopMozo does your viral traffic for you automatically, your visitors and users also can share your products, thus creating a snowball effect and transforming your simple ShopMozo store into a true viral beast.

  • Fast and Very Easy

You are always 1 click away from adding or managing a full website. With the sleek and beautiful interface has a deep focus on providing a great user experience for both you and your visitors. That means easy campaign adding and editing that even grandma can use.

  • Brand new system- Absolutely No rehashes

So, ShopMozo is packed with great features and it’s the ultimate videos and content curation technology that’s never been seen before.

  • Step by Step Training

And while ShopMozo is deadly easy to use, we wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone and everyone can make money with it. You will get in-depth video training for every feature, so you can always look at the right way to do things.

  • Customer Team

You will get 24/7 on-going premium support so you’re always just a message away from having your problem solved.

Check here : ShopMozo Pro Review – A Cloud-Based App that Builds Instant 1-Click SEO-Optimized Affiliate Stores That Gets You Autopilot Facebook Traffic, Content, Videos, And Make You Sales and Commissions

ShopMozo Upsell

Front End – ShopMozo Unlimited Store

OTO #1 : ShopMozo Pro Upgrade

ShopMozo Pro Upgrade will make you a pro marketer and get 300% increase in your profits by automating product curation from AliExpress and eBay and also allow you to create even more beautiful and converting affiliate stores by unlocking never seen before features of the Pro edition. By having this ShopMozo Pro Upgrade, you will get the power to multiply the benefits from your purchase so you can take your commissions and traffic to the next level without spending any extra time or money. You will get many more incredible features that will help you to make more money. Along with 5 themes you got with ShopMozo, you will get 10 more templates so total 15 themes to make you a stunning, unique design and beautiful store. This new and upgraded version is already design with many high converting themes from the ground up to make you more money. You now can easily build entirely different sites with this 1 click template chooser included with this version. These have been tested and proven to convert this means your traffic gets to a much more relevant, targeted website which allows you to more easily convert them into leads or buyers. And so, you can build professional sites, improve commissions hands free. You have already seen the immense power of curating top-notch products from Amazon. To intensify your benefits, now you can easily and automatically curate unlimited product, images and content from Ecommerce giants from eBay and Ali Express. By having this new version of ShopMozo you will get the ultimate power to automate the complete process to have an endless supply of fresh, high-in-demand products every day.

ShopMozo Pro Upgrade features :

  • Auto-scheduler curates high converting products from eBay and AliExpress

You are able to tap into 3 different markets and get commissions from 3 different sources, and effectively triple the money that you take home.  That’s right, you pick a keyword and the frequency with which you want ShopMozo to add products, and it’s all done for you.

  • Set product automation rules for eBay and Ali Express

Just set the automation rules once, and forget it forever. ShopMozo Pro curates them day and night for you on 100% autopilot. Even better for you, ShopMozo Pro takes care of all the work. It will curate products from 3 high converting sources, it will always keep up-to-date sites, you will also get improved for traffic and rankings.

  • Find high potential Facebook groups and pages with the Traffic Finder

Facebook is filled with oceans of traffic. But, how to tap into that traffic remains an unsolved mystery for countless marketers. Now, you can breathe easy as with this unique innovative feature, you can easily search Facebook pages and groups that have the maximum potential, and drive hordes of traffic for your offers. Ultimately, you can share your products on multiple Facebook groups to boost viral traffic.

  • Make stores more attractive by adding images from media library

Eye-catchy images are the best way to attract attention of audience and get them hooked to your affiliate stores. ShopMozo Pro gives you the power to upload attractive images from library and grab their attention by the neck to boost sales and commissions like you always wanted.

  • Display stunning banner ads to increase sales and profits

You’re getting access to displaying banner ads all over your site, allowing you to monetize it in an innovative brand-new way. So now you’re not just earning affiliate commissions from selling ecom products, you can start making money from AdSense ads, Clickbank offers or even your own products. For putting banner ads, just insert the URL of the place where you want your customer to get redirected, and you’re all set to rock. Ultimately, you can diversify your income streams, sell your own products to easily skyrocket your online revenue.

  • all these benefits is at an un-paralleled price

Now, for getting all these benefits, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a month. Ultimately you are saving thousands of dollars monthly with us, and every dollar that you save, adds to your profits.


OTO #2 : ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade

ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade is your solution to double the conversions and 5 times the viral traffic to ultimately make 10 times more sales and commissions hands down. If you grab this ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade you will be able to get more profit. With the SEO feature that’s built into ShopMozo, you will get automated viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That’s exactly what ShopMozo Enterprise brings you – in fact beta users have reported getting high-quality viral traffic and making their first sales within 24 hours of using it. Now that’s something you can’t afford to miss out on. ShopMozo Enterprise automatically posts about your products and also the special offers on Twitter and Instagram too along with Facebook every day. This way with new products being added on autopilot and sharing done-for-you without you lifting a finger, you now have a self-updating store that grows every day with brand new high converting viral traffic and without you having to do anything. You will get a chart report everyday with this ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade. These will give you complete insight for your visitors and campaigns, this feature alone is worth more than what you going to invest on this entire enterprise edition upgrade. And this is just start of the story, Enterprise edition is a Premium version and has a lot more features in store for you.

ShopMozo Enterprise Upgrade Features :

  • Advanced Reports

You can use the power of advanced reports to boost your profits with virtually. Imagine you are promoting something and getting only 4-5% click on your promo link but you don’t know why? You just changed placements of your bestselling offers or start adding more products in bestseller category and now getting 10X engagement means 10 times clicks and 10 times commissions? So 1 second tweak is making you 10 times more money. This is the power of statistics. The complete stats will give you all the meaningful information you need to make killer and proven converting campaigns to sell smartly.

  • Automatically Curate Amazon Reviews

Enterprise edition also pulls in Amazon Reviews for your products so your visitors can read them and trust buying the product more than ever before and it will be effectively increasing conversions too on the already red-hot viral traffic you will get for free. You can improve your conversion, easily turn any traffic into sales.

  • Automatically add related tweets to the products curated

With ShopMozo Enterprise, related tweets by your potential customers are added on product details page on autopilot which create even more trust in your product review and you get more conversions. It also makes your content unique so further boost in product page search engine rankings to get you more free traffic.

  • Make more Money using Google AdSense

With this amazing add on, you can attract more and more customers by inserting Google AdSense on your affiliate stores. All you need to do is copy and paste the code and monetize your sites to boost sales and profits with just 1 click.

  • Share control of your dashboard to up to 5 team members

You can add up-to 5 team members to manage your stores according to their roles and what action they can perform in dashboard. You can also create team and assign roles and permissions to them. All you need to do is click on the add new user tab and fill all the information including the name of the person, their email address and assign them specific roles and give privileges that you want to give to that person.


OTO #3 : ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade

ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade will allow you to sell this ShopMozo to anyone else and you can get profit 100%. It’s extremely simple and easy. This means you don’t need to invest your time and money in any grunt work. All you need to do is use everything has been provided, and you just need to sit back and see your profits growing. A dedicated help-desk available to handle support, product delivery and training to make it hassle free for you. You don’t even need to lift a finger. You will start getting 100% commissions after the 7 day launch period gets over. Along with this, you will be delighted to know that, we’re also giving 50% commissions over the entire funnel as a complementary gesture. So, you can make up for your investment only by having one sale itself. Ecommerce is hot these days, marketers whether newbie or an experienced, can grab their slice of this billion-dollar pie by creating an affiliate store that satisfy needs of hungry customers. And, ShopMozo removes all the hassles and automates product curation with 3 biggest e-commerce giants -Amazon, e-Bay and AliExpress. So, it’s a big solution for marketers. With ShopMozo, you could give your customers a feature-packed software that enables them to create their own well-designed profit yielding affiliate stores in 60 seconds flat. They will bite your hands to get ShopMozo from you for any amount and you keep 100% profits in your pocket with this, once in a lifetime opportunity.

ShopMozo Reseller Upgrade benefit :

  • No profit sharing

You will be authorized to sell ShopMozo to anyone you want on our website and the whole profit will be only yours.

  • No Investing

Today you start selling your own, winning software to make money like gurus do. And even better thing is, you can do it all without an initial investment of $5000-10,000 in building it. All will be covered just for you.

  • Nothing to upload, host or configure

You don’t need to do any work. And also you won’t even need a website. Yeah, you don’t need to bother for doing even a single thing yourself.


OTO #4 : ShopMozo Premium Upgrade

ShopMozo Premium Upgrade gives you the one-time opportunity to become a top-notch marketer with features you won’t get anywhere else. This is ShopMozo Premium Membership with Agency License. Inside this ShopMozo Premium Upgrade you will get 5 brand new eye- catchy and also premium themes delivered every month. These themes are the latest in the market and based on what’s working great these days in the industry. These premium themes will add laurels to your purchase and help you to boost conversions, leads and sales hands down. You will also be able to get the agency license to create Affiliate stores for clients or flipping. Today, thousands of businesses need high-class marketing services, but don’t know where to get them from. Or even if they know, they are charged huge money that’s completely beyond their reach. Now, you too can establish yourself as an authority in t