Discount Pop Review – Easily Set and Forget To Get More Profit On Autopilot System and Monetize The Site Just Within Minutes

Discount Pop Review : Easily Set and Forget To Get More Profit On Autopilot System and Monetize The Site Just Within Minutes

Discount Pop will help you to get more leads and convert it into profit automatically. You can easily install and set up this software without needing any coding or even any technical skill. You don’t need to take any tedious work and you don’t need to take a long time to get this software ready. You are also able to set triggers to best traffic sucking setting. This software is really powerful and it also allows you o show pop ups on exit, completing website view or through timer. With this Discount Pop you are able to drive traffic to your site and start profiting. Once you have driven the traffic they will come back again and again for discounts while you earn profits. You can also use the Artificial Intelligence feature to maximize your results. AI is the future of internet marketing and you get it free on this system. So you will get your profit making machine with this software without needing to have any knowledge or experience. You can easily get your monthly income just like a stream and you don’t need to do a long and tedious work. An absolute easy to use Amazon software harnesses the power of discounts and boosts your conversions in 3 simple steps. This software taps in to discount finder technology and makes more sales in 3 simple steps. It an uncomplicated software that allows you to start earning right away without the hassle of long set-up method and confusing process. The first step you need to do is to install this plugin. You can easily install this plugin and you can put in your affiliate link. Then, the next step is to set your own banner triggers and animation effects. You can set the banners and animation effect as you want. The last step you need to do is to add your product and you are ready to start earning profit. This Discount Pop is made relatively easy to use. Whether you are a professional marketer or a newbie you will find this amazing software greatly beneficial.

Discount Pop is a great WordPress plugin that will work for you to make you more great income this year. You are able to increase your Amazon affiliate commission without lifting a finger and exerting much effort. This plugin is really easy to use and it also makes your work easier. You can easily tap into “discount finders” psychology to converts your website visitors into buyers. This is the greatest feature ever because if you can grab many visitors to your web, you are able to make many sales and you can increase your profit. You can also stop them from leaving your website and make them buy by utilizing powerful banners. So, they will never leave your page before buying your product. Discount Pop is your answer on having good sales, more leads and successful affiliate marketing business. This is the solution for all affiliate and online marketing woes on this simple and easy to use product. Discount Pop aims to provide users with a product that they can use right away and provide them with good results, better customer interaction and higher website traffic. Everything is handled on autopilot system, so you can make money many times. This software never stops giving you results whether you are sleeping on vacation or minding your own other income generating platform. It utilizes a proven and highly tested method to give you the results you want. This is a a WordPress plugin, very easy to use and newbie friendly. It’s easy to setup and compatible with Amazon affiliate WordPress themes. If you are an affiliate marketer or even an owner of business online, you must have this plugin. you will absolutely get the income from actual products coming from Amazon! You don’t even have to constantly update it and the site earns for itself. You can easily achieve this too, give this software a try and you won’t only be getting traffic but also recurring income. Discount Pop is really your best solution and you can easily stand out from the crowd without needing to do a lot of work.

Check here ; Discount Pop Review : Easily Set and Forget To Get More Profit On Autopilot System and Monetize The Site Just Within Minutes

The Benefit In Using Discount Pop :

  • Easy to install and set up

You can easily install and setup your discount finding banner popup. No coding required, or tedious tutorial necessary that takes time.

  • Get Best Traffic

You can set triggers to best traffic sucking setting. Allows you to show pop ups on exit, completing website view or through timer.

  • Start Profiting

You can drive traffic to your site and start profiting. Once you have driven the traffic they will come back again and again for discounts while you earn profits.

  • Use the Power of artificial intelligence

You can use artificial intelligence feature to maximize results. Ai is the future of internet marketing and you get it free on this system.


Follow the steps below to get started with Discount Pop :

  • Step 1 : Install the Plugin

The first step you need to do is to install this plugin. You can easily install this plugin and you can put in your affiliate link.

  • Step 2 : Set the Banner Triggers

Then, the next step is to set your own banner triggers and animation effects. You can set the banners and animation effect as you want.

  • Step 3 : Add Your Product

The last step you need to do is to add your product and you are ready to start earning profit.


Discount Pop Exclusive Features :

  • Easy to Use Interface

No technical knowledge required, just open Discount Pop; search for the item you like and filter accordingly; then get results in an instant. We designed this plugin so that anyone can use it, from newbie to advanced marketers and consultants. No hassle and no coding required, just a sleek and easy to use interface ready to provide discounted products fast.

  • Compatible with All Amazon Affiliate Themes

Discount Pop works best with any Amazon theme, allowing you to display highly discounted products on a neat and professional way. However, we recognize that some users may like to use it on their own website so it is compatible on all Amazon affiliate websites. All users would get an easy to use plugin that can be installed in an instant.

  • Professional and Modern Design

With Discount Pop’s professional and sleek design it could easily blend in on any Amazon affiliate websites. We made sure that each section is fully functional and at the same time provides user with great experience when using the plugin. Its modern and minimalist layout allows the plugin to respond and function fast and efficiently on any website it is installed.

  • Discount Pop will be Ready within Minutes

Setup takes only several minutes to complete and you are on your way to earning more from your Amazon affiliate website. Just follow our quick and easy guide while installing and Discount Pop will be ready within minutes. You don’t even have to be a developer or highly technical person, all you need is a few investments for the product, patience and you’re on your way to getting your investment back and more.

  • Different Types of Triggers Help in Boosting Conversions

Choose from several available triggers for your Discount Pop popup to get better conversions. We have included several triggers such as exit attempt, page close and timer that you could set for each popup that your customers and website visitors will surely appreciate once they check your website.

  • Ready-made Theme Including Inbuilt Viral Traffic Module

Don’t have an ecommerce website yet where you can use Discount Pop? We got you covered, with your purchase you will also be given a powerful and sleek WordPress website that you can use to display products from Amazon and where you can integrate Discount Pop plugin to make money.

  • Detailed Tracking of What’s Working for You and what Not

Discount Pop plugin has a well-designed and fully equipped plugin interface that enables you to track the progress of your sales and website. Included within the system is an A/B split testing feature that allows you to assess if your products and website are working to your advantage and helps you identify weak points that you can improve.

  • Various Attractive Popup and Website Animations

To improve engagements and customer interaction we have included some subtle yet attractive animations throughout the theme and popup that your website visitors can experience. A good website doesn’t have to be dry and inanimate, with these feature your customers will enjoy browsing through your site and selecting products they need.

Discount Pop Great Bonuses :

  • Bonus 1 : Discount Pop WooCommerce Theme

Your Discount Pop purchase comes with a  powerful WooCommerce theme, this means you won’t even have to worry about designing your own marketing website where you can use this ground-break software. This is a complete theme solution, unlike most free themes out there with Discount Pop you get a full website complete with a sleek home page, shop section, blog page and contact page. It was designed professionally to allow you to maximize traffic and conversions easily.

  • Bonus 2 : TubeBlog WordPress Plugin

TubeBlog is a wordpress plugin which will curate Youtube playlists according to keyword search and publish all videos as a post. Easily build your own video website by using other people’s contents legally and for free. TubeBlog allows you to choose any type of video from trending to most viewed items from YouTube. Using TubeBlog to populate your website with relevant and trending contents is a very simple process. Add videos created by popular YouTube channels in as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Bonus 3: WP Lead gate (White Label)

LeadGate is an all in one lead generation & collection software that generates unlimited leads without destroying your wallet. It’s not just that, users can take control of their conversions with this highly optimized templates made to drag their viewers into giving up their email address. WP LeadGate carries all possible functionalities that you will ever need to generate unlimited leads. You can collect unlimited leads from your website/blog. Download and upload this plugin into your site to start building a massive list of subscribers and buyers, that is going to be your most profitable asset. This also integrated with popular autoresponders and email marketing platforms. It works perfectly with all major email marketing platforms like AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and so on. You will also get Google/universal analytics event tracker supported. You can track how many people have visited the page with optin form , the number of people who actually view the form and the number of people who opted in.

Check here ; Discount Pop Review : Easily Set and Forget To Get More Profit On Autopilot System and Monetize The Site Just Within Minutes


Discount Pop OTO

Front End – Discount Pop Main

OTO 1— Discount Pop Up Pro Upgrade

Discount Pop Up Pro Upgrade allows you to have the more powerful features of Discount Pop. You must have this upgraded Discount Pop system and unleash the full potential of this amazing software. inside this upgraded version, you will get fully-loaded discount finder solution for successful online marketing experience. Discount Pop Pro gives you a powerful software packed with a amazing features that every online marketers will appreciate. Packed on this Discount Pop Pro offering is an all new powerful plugin and Ecommerce theme with extra features to give you even more conversion, traffic and profit. Each additional feature on this upgraded version was designed and chosen carefully to bring in better results on your online marketing experience. These additional features inside Discount Pop Up Pro Upgrade do not need to require you additional set of works to be done. You will be possible to squeeze everything nifty features on the plugin without changing any of the setup process. This is still the same newbie-friendly and pro-marketer companion software that works for all. This is a full-upgrade from the Discount Pop Basic we have offered you. Each feature added here were carefully coded into the software to make sure to give you a no-hassle and easy usage and navigation and of course good profit returns. Upgrade your Discount Pop purchase to Pro version today and enjoy powerful additional features and under the hood enhancements that you will surely benefit from. This upgrade gives you all these amazing features you would certainly get benefit from.

The features inside Discount Pop Up Pro Upgrade

  • Fully Loaded Discount Pop Plugin

Utilize Discount Pop to its full potential with added features that you can use to give you more conversions, traffic and profit. Loaded with exciting new items you will surely enjoy and use.

  • More Triggers and Animations

Get more triggers and subtle animation effects that you can add on your Discount Pop discount finder popup. Get more conversions by utilizing the right effects and triggers for your site.

  • Additional Ecom Stores Included

Add more products and items to your website with additional sources from top ecommerce website in the internet. We have included Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart.

  • Create Discount Banners on Major Ecommerce Stores

Get additional options to add high converting products to your niche from extra ecommerce affiliate sites. With this upgrade you would be able to search and add items on AliExpress,, and Walmart in addition to the basic feature source Amazon. The more products displayed on your website the bigger income you get.

  • More Banners and Popup Triggers to Choose From

Discount Pop Pro gives you additional banners and popup triggers that you can use to fully personalize your website. Match the behavior of your banner with your ecommerce website to bring in more conversions and profit and even improve customer interaction.

  • Compatibility to Major WooCommerce Themes

Using your very own WooCommerce theme to market products online? Discount Pop Pro should work without any issue on major themes that features Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart and items, just install it like how you install a normal plugin and every is good to go.

  • Additional Popup Transition Effects to Choose From

A good website is something that interacts well with visitors. With this upgrade we have added some new transition effects that should match your website’s look and feel. Choose from the added transition effects on the plugin that matches your style.

  • Dynamic Visitor Targeting According to Referral

Give personalize feedback and message to returning customers to make sure they are feel valued. Discount Pop helps you identify returning customers and you have the option to give personalized response on the popup for every visit they make.

  • A/B Split Testing Feature for Each Popup

This feature allows you to test each popup you make before using them on your website. This would enable you to identify if it would convert well and the things needed to be improved in order to get better results on your website.

  • Exclusive Developer Rights for Every Purchase of Discount Pop Pro

No limitations just pure profit generating website. The developer rights would allow you use and create unlimited popups and put them on various WooCommerce websites. The more DiscountPop setup you make the more profit you take.

OTO 2— Discount Pop U DFY 5 Stores

Discount Pop U DFY 5 Stores will serve you with 5 done-for-you affiliate stores on 100% hot niches. This is a great opportunity for you to get ready-made affiliate websites on 5 hot niches selected through testing and reliable data. You have made the right choice of getting the Discount Pop Pro upgrade. Everything is packed including all the good stuff on that exclusive upgrade package. This is a limited time offer especially for you since you have upgrade your Discount Pop software to Pro. On this limited offer, you will get 5 hot niches and created 5 done-for-you affiliate sites with DiscountPop Pro as base of course and this is exactly in demand niches. They are Video Games, Baby Care, Pet Care, Sports Equipment, and Electronic Appliance. They are selected based on the research on the current buying trends on consumers online, so you can be assured that traffic and SEO ranking won’t be an issue with these 5 DFY Discount Pop Affiliate sites. Check them out in action below and make sure to get yourself access to these DFY themes. So you are able to get maximize profit using Discount Pop U DFY 5 Stores. It has already personalized each website for this niche, from logo, to sliders and contents. This will speed-up your setup process, go from a 3-minute installation to building a well-converting website with lots of audience to gaining hundred or even thousands of profit within few days. No need to spend several minutes or even hours to conduct research and testing for a good niche to use for your Discount Pop program.

The Most In Demand Niches You will Get From Discount Pop U DFY 5 Stores :

  • Baby Care Niche

The most in-demand niche today is probably anything that deals with babies and infants. Parents or adults in general likes to give out interesting items, clothes, baby supplies to couples with new born babies that they go above and beyond to find the perfect item to give.

  • Electronic Appliance Niche

What each home required is an efficient and useful electronic appliance to help with the daily tasks and make life even easier. Having a website setup for this niche would certainly help you attract household items enthusiast and will keep them buying because of easy product discount offers.

  • Pet Care Niche

One of the most in-demand and sought after items online are products related to pet care, from pet food, grooming materials, and even clothes, you won’t ran out of items to publish on your website. And with a niche that has constant huge following, earning commissions through affiliate marketing would be a breeze.

  • Sports Niche

Almost everyone is trying to get in shape for health and other personal reasons, that’s what makes a sports related website that sells sports items a must-have if you are serious in making profit through affiliate marketing. Add sports equipment from major ecommerce sites and watch as your site become the number 1 sports items source online.

  • Video Games Niche

With the rising popularity of e-games with several money-making competitions being conducted here and there more and more people are getting into this niche. Expect people to purchase high-end gaming equipment whether to improve their skills and gaming experience or just purely for fun, you won’t ran out of customers for sure.

Discount Pop U DFY 5 Stores Exclusive Bonuses :

  • Bonus 1 WP Social Mage Professional Edition

WP Social Mage Pro you connect WP Social Mage Standard to a powerful posting and scheduling machine. Now with this bonus you can automate your website posts and contents through scheduling. Your Discount Pop system should be a powerful set-and-forget money making machine. Just make sure to schedule enough posts for your customers to see and watch as you profit grows without having to work on your website on a daily basis.

  • Bonus 2 : WP Social Miner

WP Social Miner searches, posts and schedules amazing content to all your social networks. Utilize the power of social media, from Facebook to Twitter to generate new and free traffic towards your website. With this software you can automate website posting by using existing contents from the web. Exploit them legally and improve your website traffic exponentially.

Discount Pop gives you a powerful plugin inside wordpress and professional Amazon theme. This Discount Pop will work for you on auto pilot system so you don’t need to do a lot of tedious work anymore. Discount Pop doesn’t stop earning money for you, whether you are monitoring it or not it does its work and delivers you profit. It’s a complete set-and-forget system that you rake hundreds and even thousands of profit and traffic through a well-designed system and process. You are getting a well-equipped and super powerful system with every purchase of Discount Pop. Your 2018 will surely be a year of making it big on the online marketing scene with this ultimate discount finder solution. Website traffic and profit will be the least of your problem and with very few to no maintenance necessary, Discount Pop will prove to be one your best set-and-forget online money making machine. You will get a powerful Amazon affiliate marketing discount generator, you will have an easy to use interface plugin, you will also get a legit and clean online income source. With this software you will get seamless integration with any Amazon affiliate sites. And the most important thing is this Discount Pop is absolutely newbie friendly software and you will get sleek discount finder designs to match any